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  1. Same thing happened to me 4/5 months ago. I edited the price and time frame. Straight after that my gigs disappeared. I was on page 1 for very long time, maintained my position all that time. CS doesnt give a crap and will not help you, they know this issue very well but just ignoring it. I have sent many many msgs to CS but they ignore it. They said its your performance when my stats are all 100% and 4.9 ratings for past 1 year. I said to them lets say it is my performance then gig should go down like few rows or maximum 1 page down, instead of page 1 to page last which is around 100. On last pages there are gigs with 0 reviews or max about 10-20 reviews and 0 orders in queue. I asked the how the hell they are performing better than me, then they just ignored me. Its been 5 months my gigs are still on last pages. Even though i completed many orders. Recently i contacted them to lift the restriction from my account and they said if you ask us 1 more time about this we will ban you, then they banned me for 15 days. Bullshyt service!! one of the worst CS i ever came across, i do work on other platform where they treat you really good. Our here they only care about buyers, and treat sellers like a crap. 0% seller protection here. Spent days and night to work hard and reach that top position, then in 1 second they threw all the gigs to last page and did not give any reason for it.
  2. No not back, its been 3 months for me. All my stats are 100% now, got many 5 star ratings, no cancellation, no bad feedback, no late deliveries. Everything is very good, but still gigs are not even moving an inch, They have put restrictions on my gigs. even blocked me from CS, as i have messaged them many times to address this issue but dont give a crap. They know the issue very well but ignoring it
  3. Only my best selling gig had negative feedback, so that gig went to last page, then all the remaining gigs automatically gone to last page. Not sure what the hell to do now for 3 months i have been trying everything, delivered everything in a High quality, all stats are 100% now and 5 star ratings. They have put restrictions on all my gigs
  4. nope i didnt, majority of them were basic package who wanted a premium design or additional files for free. You reckon those reviews might have caused it?
  5. https://www.fiverr.com/urban_creation6?up_rollout=true
  6. Ok so what solutions would you suggest if you dont mind sharing? i will give you my example in last 2 months i have done about 400 orders, got almost all as 5 star ratings, no cancellations, no late deliveries… i did everything to maintain a high quality and even give extra things to keep the client happy, the end result remains same for me, my gig remains on page 70th with sellers who got 0 reviews or 5-10 max. I surely be doing much better than those sellers. They have got some restriction on our accounts, no matter what i do, it wont make any difference.
  7. ok did you do anything different to bring the gigs back?
  8. thats not good then ! other sellers got 3 gigs on page 1, taking all orders. In that case they should be fair and move their gigs to last oo
  9. they are all repeat buyers and revisions. Gig comes back after a week or so for 1 day, Thats when i get loads of new orders, nope no late deliveries. My stats are 100% 100% 100% and 5
  10. time shorter and price lesser too just for few weeks i made time longer and price higher then changed it back to original one
  11. yes it definitely will help, in 2 months i have tried changing Title, tags,description but no luck. Didnt try to change gig images though. its all of them, 1 gig triggered it and all of them are on end pages. Even made a new gig and got orders there but even that is showing on last page. Why cant they let us work in Peace and let the performance decide where our gigs should be, if someone is performing really bad then obviously they will go down slowly. Not fair to chuck a senior seller to end page, there are sellers on page 1 who got 2/3 gigs on page. Atleast 4 sellers who got so many gigs on page 1 of same category, no ones says anything about them
  12. YES!! now i am trying to find a solution for this!
  13. If you read the forum you’ll see it happens quite often and gigs getting rotated. That happens to everyone and even top rated and pro sellers. There is no solution to that but only not to put all your eggs to one basket i.e fiverr. Their algorithm is working as they planned so even if you want to have all the attention it doesn’t mean it will happen and CS will immediately run to dev team and ask them to change algorithm just because you are unhappy with it. it never happened to me in those 3 years, only performance should decide whether gig should go up or down. Yes i agree with you, shouldnt reply on fiverr at all. Time to look else where as i have tried my best for 2 months to get my gigs back but no luck
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