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  1. Go through different topics on this forum. If you have any specific question regarding gigs, then you should ask here. that’s better.
  2. Hi, So, i have been promoted to Fiverr’s Level 1 Seller now. But i am not getting any orders now. What’s wrong with my profile or is there anything else?? Can someone help me out ? If you can recommend some changes in my GIG that would be effective. I would be thankful.
  3. You are not probably getting order because stats with GIS/profile are going down. You need to make improvements e.g. change descriptions, tags, title information and be online all the time.
  4. Can someone give me an advice om my GIG? https://www.fiverr.com/smas_gis/do-gis-mapping-analytics-remote-sensing-cartography
  5. What are worst thing with Fiverr including the latest updates that they have made.
  6. That’s really sad to know. Some customer really come to ruin you reputation and hard work. I think that this has happened to everyone.
  7. Hello Everyone. I have a real issue that my account is getting offline after few minutes and i have to refresh it again, keeping it online is very important for your profile. Can anyone help me about, what can be the issue and how to resovle it. Thanks
  8. Many congratulations! Wishing you good luck for more in your future.
  9. I have noticed that fiverr gives a huge amount of favor to the buyers. My some orders were canceled after 3 months event, and customer support always give a huge benefit to the buyer and does not give any advantage to the Seller. This is really unfair i guess for the Seller, they must give some benefits to the seller or at least contact Seller before canceling or putting some ban.
  10. Hi Welcome to Fiverr and Forum!Send maximum of your buyer requests at start to get the work.
  11. Please improve the message the you send to the buyer, here are few tips: 1- Don’t use Sir, or Mr. 2- Don’t be too much formal 3- Don’t send too much long text in the Request 4- Add appropraite budget amount. Thanks.
  12. That’s one of biggest downside with fiverr. They have not provided any such facility, and if we go outside of the fiverr they simple ban our accounts. So, in short there isn’t any solutin avaialble. But one thing you can do is, record your voice message if details are too much and then you can send those voice msgs through attachemnet in the Conversations.
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