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  1. You can check out the other topics in the forum,that relates to optimizing your gig
  2. Optimize your gig using most searched and relevant keywords
  3. I misunderstood your last reply @ "come here on my profile "…but I did check out your gig …they are nice, and I hope you get an order soon
  4. Thanks, duly noted. I thought it was because most buyers try to get a lot more done while offering little payment
  5. If i were to make a few changes to my fiverr gig, which i just created a few days ago, what effect will it have on my gig ranking?
  6. Hello everyone 🙂 I would like to know Why some sellers discourage new sellers from using the buyer request, yet other sellers would encourage it? :roll_eyes:
  7. Thanks, and any tip or advice for my new journey will be highly appreciated
  8. Hello , fiverr community… I have been a member since May 2018.i just became a seller today and created my first gig today… So, from my part of the world. A warm good evening to you all 🙂
  9. i would recommend " Peaky Blinders ", i’m also a fan of amc’s “The Walking Dead”
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