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  1. I offer my services for as high as $400 (including all add-ons). One of my packages starts at $175. There’s no way I would go back to earning only $5 per order. Fiverr is no longer the “everything starts at $5” start-up that they used to be. They’re growing up, and are positioning themselves as a professional freelance services marketplace. Most serious professionals offer their professional services for a lot more than just $5. In fact, sellers should always price their services according to the value of those services, not the lowest possible price. Freelancers work here to earn a profit – to make a living. You make a better living at value-appropriate prices, not $5 a pop. Yeah, but that’s what the company name was based on. Now it’s like anything else - either go somewhere else to find a better price, or at least another vendor to get more for the money. IJS.
  2. Hm. I get it, I mean if it was me, I’d at least offer a $5 off coupon for first-time customers. But then they’d probably just go up $5 on the price, which defeats the purpose. I’m just saying, the name was based on the $5 niche, so it likely needs to be changed to accommodate the fact that very little is available for $5 any more, though there are a few left. who still have traditional gigs.
  3. Hello all. I was just wondering, given FIVERR’s history, why sellers are not required to offer something for five dollars, then add on other pricing “as needed” to upgrade and make different selections that will cost more. But to “start” off, all sellers should be required to list something ‘minimal’ that can be done for $5 and then build up to add-on costs from there. Thanks.
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