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  1. @biz_reflector Hi, I am glad to know you are here. Wish you all the success in near future on fiverr
  2. How do contacs fiverr support center. If there any dirrect chat method.
  3. Hi, guys, I need to know something and expecting good answer from the community… One of my friend in fiverr (seller) has a problem, that is not shown his gigs to the audience. He said that he didnt pause any gig. He said his gigs were didnt apper since yesterday. Because of that his impressions are lacking down from --k s. How can this error can be fix. Is anyway to contact fiverr support center throug emailing or chat … kindly requesting quick responce… Jay
  4. As a new comer, I was stay calm and do publishing my gigs much as I can. After getting my first order I always tried responded quickly and gave work quickly. generous to the client is a must too. if you are a new comer these method will be helpful to you too. Have a great future with fiverr, with regards, Jay
  5. @helpfuladvisor1 Hello, my friends, I have a Q, I was published blog creating gig in fiverr. Then I want send my early created blog links to the buyers for show as proof. Please tell me, have any prohibitory or not for links sending via message to the client. Need quick answer. Thanking you
  6. Hi friends, Once again jay is here for ask one q. It is posible or not, creating coporate account that two or more users can use same account as thir accounts. Because one of my friend and I think to go though with business proposal and we need to share both accounts link together. Explain about this. It is prohobit or notIf can, how it will do.I waiting in here for hear any responce. Please responce to this. Thanking you.
  7. Hello fiverr forum friends of mine. I would like to know what are the main clues to know if try to promote any gigs. Specially related to good SEO. Please comment your thoughts bellow. Thanking you.
  8. Specialy mention: @jonbaas, If seller had conversation with buyer. Is it prohbit or not to promote someone else gig. Example : If there is seller called “A” chatting with his or her buyer and “A” is telling about nother seller called “B” and send his or her gig to buyer. If it is not prohbit, please explain more about it.
  9. Hi, friends, I think as a new sellers we will need to stay calm wile get our first order. Because this Shopping complex has too many shops to buy anything. Then offering diferent thing to buyer that fetching him or her to come to your shop, Think what can you offer to customes that they didnt neglate and valuable for them. But all offerings depend on work that you do for the customer… 😀 Thanx,
  10. Yes, It is true. I also new to here and this forum is very good for knowing more about valuable things at FIVERR…
  11. Thank you, jonbaas, for answering my question, It is seems to be I need some work to do here with clients. I think creating my portfolio, depend on my work and clients… I will try my best for doing that and gain my goal…
  12. Friends, I know Gig is the way to impressed customers on “FIVERR”. But i want to know if any method to add design portfolio to the my seller account. Thank you…
  13. Thank you tanvirhoque_360. for your thoughts.
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