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  1. Hey Hey Welcome to world of freelance Wishing you a very good luck 😊
  2. Hey. Welcome to the fiverr community. Get started and enjoy
  3. Hey. Welcome to fiverr community. Work hard and stay active for maximum time.
  4. Hey. Hope all of you will be doing very well. I have a query regarding Gig Rank. My impressions are increasing day by day very fastly but i number of clicks is not improving alongside. What could be reason and how can i tackle this issue. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for such kind of great info.
  6. Thanks for Greats words I will implement this tip in near future.
  7. Welcome to the great fiverr forum. Work hard, stay online
  8. Thank you for the great answer Its really helpful for newbies?
  9. Not always. The buyer can let the order autocomplete. Or the buyer can accept the order and not leave a review. I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr so I have experience in both the buyer and seller side of orders. Once as an experiment I accepted the order and did not review it. Fiverr sent me at least one email after that reminding me to come back and review the seller. Plus, during the order completion process the buyer is asked twice to review the seller. It is an easy process to leave a review. It is more of a challenge NOT to leave a review. That is why I think the OP’s buyer does not want to leave a review. Thank you for great words.
  10. as the buyer accepts your delivery, fiverr notifies you. at same you rate buyer and buyer rates you.
  11. Hi, Great you are here, remain in touch with community, Keep improving and publishing your gigs, watch youtube videos on fiverr as well
  12. Go to selling section and click buyer request dear.
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