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  1. “Completed 70 Projects of 15 country’s 50 client’s at various marketplaces since 2016” You have a common description in the profile, it is false, you have only one review and student 5 within 6 months. 5 orders within 6 months is not a success. hi @ gogugmg I complete lots of project out of this marketplace. Why can not I share my skill here? I have been working since 2016, that does not mean that I am only working in Fiver from 2016. By the way, Thanks to check my profile.
  2. Yeah It’s true. My last order order was 6 months ago. Now I don’t work on marketplace. I suggest my student about fiver tricks and tips and they are success. **********. MOD NOTE: gig link removed
  3. I got this tricks on my experience. I apply this tricks and I saw that change. @ somaginer1996 If you don’t get order in 4/5 months , then you can try it @ nasim887 And check it, Does this trick actually work?
  4. You can delete all your gig and create new one and share your gig…thats it.
  5. Hi, Now I will suggest you simple tricks to get order. Many of new sellers don’t get order in long time. Though they are marketing they are gigs… On that Time you can delete all of your gig and create new one again. For this your gig get impression, view, click more … So that you can get order again…
  6. Delete all your gig and create again with seo title. After that share your gig on social site everyday and send buyer request everyday . That’s it… I hope it will work…
  7. Keyword research is crucial to any content marketing (or SEO) campaigns. The idea is to offer a comprehensive keyword research along with competitor analysis. If you are a “niche expert” who have specialized knowledge in few topics then you can do better topic research than anyone else. And you can make your gig unique by providing related services. For instance, I do not know how many times have I edited the titles and subheadings of this blog post as I was not sure whether to create two separate blog posts for the “review” and “ideas” or to publish it as a single blog post. So you can provide competitor research or even provide a full blog post outline with a search friendly title and subheadings as an add-on or as another gig.
  8. If you are new on fiver, then you can create 7 gig on your account.
  9. Do marketing and send buyer request regularly… I think it will work.
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