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  1. I’ve just completed all required goals to become a level one seller; however, my order completion rate is unfortunately 80% due to some mutual cancellations. Obviously I won’t be promoted to a Level One seller this month, but since I’m a new seller, will anything happen to my account the next evaluation date? Thank you!
  2. I worked very hard on 30+ social media posts for a gig and I delivered, the customer left a satisfied rating and I then wake up to find that the order has been cancelled and the money removed from my account. I then got flagged for abuse of delivery button when I very clearly delivered my work in FULL 4 days before the delivery time, does this happen often and does it get fixed?
  3. Very true, much like Youtube, once you get recognized, it’s easy from there.
  4. Absolutely. Naturally, sending proposals to job that you believe you can accomplish better than others will yield you a high conversion rate. I also do believe that on a platform like Fiverr, having good English really is something that will set you apart from others.
  5. After around 5 months of literally sitting on Fiverr trying my best to get any order through, this month and the previous have finally been generous to me and I think I may have the answer why. This is all hypothetical, but I do believe it plays some role in your exposure and overall success on Fiverr. First and foremost, I started on June of 2018, and up until last month, I usually opened Fiverr once or twice every 2 weeks to see if I’d gotten any orders, but to no one’s surprise, I didn’t. I started getting really active on Fiverr just last month and it paid off. I’d do the following atleast an hour every day to at least make sure that my gigs are getting some impressions or clicks: Send out as many Buyer Requests as you can, if you don’t see any, stay online on your phone or PC and refresh every once in a while. Make sure your gigs all have EYE-CATCHING primary images. This is very important. Know how YouTubers create clickbait images but true titles? Well, it’s sort of like that. Just don’t go over the top. Something eye-catching is enough. Now, these are only there to help you get more impressions and maybe clicks, but how do you go about converting those to orders? Well, there’s no fixed formula. Apply to Buyer Requests -people say you shouldn’t depend on it- but people on Buyer’s Request are looking for someone to get the job done. Write a well, and though-out proposal whenever you feel like you are qualified for the job. Know that Fiverr is a competition, and you aren’t entirely entitled to an order, or even any money for that matter. I can go in a lot of depth, but increase your activity, sell yourself short sometimes for the early reviews, and hopefully things will kickstart for you. I have no rights to say this as someone who only has 3 reviews, but I’m quickly getting more orders in queue, and I can’t wait to see what the next months are hiding.
  6. I’m a new seller here at Fiverr and I believe that this gig could be the one that makes me most money as I’m good at what it offers; however, I need some suggestions on how to improve it. I believe the gig offers high quality product for the price and in a more than reasonable time, unfortunately, gig views and clicks are not that high and I’m not sure what more I can add. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you! https://www.fiverr.com/muchklerr/design-a-website-for-your-portfolio
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