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  1. I know you'd open and I love that but this post is just a contribution of ideas on each niche. Please ifnyoureninto any serbciebhere, could you explain to us the best practice to rank gig based on your niche maybe graphics Design, digital matketingnor website design. It might help someone here
  2. It’s been a while I wrote to you guys here but it is important I do so today. Is it true that when you get to level one or two on Fiverr, your gig ranking drops? I’m asking this because some Fiverr sellers say this and it gets the new sellers scared. If this is true can you give us the proof and if it isn’t, please explain why. Thanks
  3. not sure what you mean by this I think it happened to some sellers who uses false foreign accounts
  4. Where have you heard this? Accounts get demoted all the time if sellers are failing to perform at the required metrics… what have you heard that’s out of the ordinary? Some accounts are demoted from a country to another. I was supervised
  5. Fiverr was hot yesterday for some people! I heard some accounts got blocked and some were demoted in country. Do we have any clue about why this is happening? Let’s share our thoughts.
  6. Extensive promotion is a normal advice Fiverr gives and should not be an option… So do it and you can run a paid ad for your gig if you can at least investing $5 in ads can get you sales… I have someone who does that and it helps…
  7. You talking like I work 24hours as a freelancer… I have other stuffs I take care… Don’t talk like you know me personally… And at least I’m none of your busienss bruv
  8. Hey its not stupid cause I work overnight. And stop the insult on someone else’s idea… If you don’t like it don’t comment and if you wanna comment don’t insult the idea… Correct not insult
  9. Get your self an autoreloader app and set you fiverr app to refresh every five minutes… That’s what I do
  10. Presently, I’m niching down in my niche… I hope you grab 😂… I’m taking a deep research to see what’s been sold in my niche in this period… We just need to know what’s been sold by those in our niche making it big…
  11. I haven been working from home for some weeks now and it’s great although the level of sales has dropped in the service I offer but I had decided to look deep into my niche and see what’s been sold now even though there is a démon crashing down sales 😂… And I’m happy I’ve been doing well… Ooin…
  12. Hey, The question is into perspective and your perspective to his might be different. He might want to see if he can get something to learn too or he might be here to spy… We understand that this forum is full of different types of people with different thoughts and plan but I say, no one should conderm even if we are being careful not to show our secrets to ourselves… The question he asked to me is right and this is a forum to learn and that is why it is created… If all sellers had kept their words to themseotoo, this forum will be as silent as a grave… No offense
  13. This is the back up plan I can give… Can you teach people that skills you offer? If you can; Find a way to get a PDF guideline on it.Organize a free class on basic about your skills and sell your PDF there…If you can’t teach people your skill, Learn how to teach and do same thing… I’m doing this and it is helping me as a Nigerian
  14. This is actually the best response I had seen so far… Rethink in your niche…Search for services that are being sold this period…Learn them and offer them…This is what I had been doing and since the LOCKDOWN begin I was fortunate to make my first order with this idea this yesterday…
  15. I wish you success here friend. Make sure you read the terms and conditions well and also stick to this forum well.
  16. Almost all my gigs are in the last page as a level one seller. Things just seems hard this days
  17. Do you think the out break of coronavirus is reducing sales here on fiverr or increasing sales? CHIME in if you understand
  18. With my experience here on Fiverr, promoting gigs to social media is one of the most effective ways to jeep gig impressions up, click on and views alive but I had noticed that since the ending of February, promotion seems not to work on my gig because the impression keeps dropping daily. So now my question is that what is the most effective way of promoting gigs now in 2020? CHIME In, let’s exchange ideas.
  19. Perhaps Fiverr believes that established sellers should know how to find and connect to their target customers, and don’t need to rely on 1st-page placement for all of their orders. 😉 Well said but do you mean, there is tendency for you to get order even if you gig is in the 25 page and sending offer with no conversion then looking for a targeted customers? So tell me how will I know my targeted customers here on fiverr , how?
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