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  1. Buyer requests in voiceover sometimes ask for male AND female voices. Does that mean they want one voice talent doing both male and female parts, or two real male and female talents doing those voices? How many accounts/profiles have two people on them to do this kind of work?
  2. My Fiverr iPhone app is great but there are two issues. Sometimes, when selling my gigs on Buyer’s Requests, it won’t let me select between my gigs to offer the buyers. I must use my computer at home. I cannot post to the forums on my iPhone because it says I’m not signed in. Even though everything else works like viewing and editing my profile. My name/profile displays just fine.
  3. Sorry for your troubles with the buyer. I would suggest the following. First, I would contact, as you have, Fiverr support/resolution centre and explain your situation; sometimes it takes a while for them to reply. You are not alone; I’m sure you will get lots of suggestions here since Fiverr is a global platform. I assume they will be helpful and understanding. I would also check the buyer’s profile to see his/her ratings, gigs they have bought and any details to assess their standings on Fiverr. You may find that the difficult buyer is the same way with other sellers, so it’s not just you. Keep reaching out for help. That will be noticed by Fiverr and they should take that into consideration to resolve your issues. Just to be certain, I would also read the Terms Of Service if you haven’t already, just a reminder for yourself. In the future, I would carefully assess the buyer’s ability to communicate. I’m new also and I am interested to read this thread. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I experience the same thing. Thanks for posting and good luck!
  4. Great question and great answers here. Thanks for sharing this! 😎
  5. Fantastic post; thank you so much for sharing this. Very inspiring! 😎
  6. You might take a look at Mike Hathecote. He was a big help to me. Best of luck!
  7. Hi Sarah Here’s an article that helped me. Business Insider This woman quit her job, paid her debts, and bought a house thanks to a side job...Now, Redd Horrocks is debt-free, typically earning $9,000-$11,000 a month from voiceover gigs she finds through Fiverr. Redd Horrocks is a Fiverr ambassador and offers gig evaluations. Here is her fiver link. @reddhorrocks Best of success! 😎
  8. Hello and welcome from Reno Nevada USA!
  9. I am Steven Carl Logan from Reno Nevada, United States. I do voiceovers for explainer videos. Nice to meet everyone here!
  10. Hello there. I am also new! Nice to be here.
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