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  1. congratulations @anabellamadeo you are the proof that hard work pays off
  2. I have reached out to them that is what I was worried about
  3. I buy a lot on fiverr and recently I looked at my cc bill for the year and I only got charged for about half the orders that I ordered this is about $200 dollars worth
  4. one thing to mention, a lot of sellers post their gig for 5 dollars while once you contact them they cost a lot more. (this is from my experience when buying on Fiverr)
  5. your gig looks good, I think you should wait till you have a couple of more reviews under the belt before raising the prices.
  6. there is no guarantee to get a first order I would recommend marketing on social media and lowering your pricing for the first few orders
  7. welcome I wish you much luck on this platform my one piece of advice is be very careful with the way you operate because Fiverr will shut down your account if you violate any tos
  8. so I think you should do a bit of both. your basic package should be 5 dollars for 50 seconds, and your next package should be the 120 for 10 that way you up your overall value without taking away your low starting point.
  9. Did the order get canceled after it was delivered and completed? The buyer must have charged back the payment done resulting in Fiverr to cancel the order take the funds back. Buyers whom chargeback get automatically banned from the system. You won’t be able to communicate further with them. It will however affect your order completion rate. no it was before I delivered the order.
  10. Can you explain what that means and why it affects me
  11. Fiverr canceled my order I have no idea why and they deleted the buyers account and for some reason it goes against my order completion rate what do I do?
  12. yes but at the same time you want to build reviews up so you earn more trust from the buyers
  13. I personally like going to the buyer request page it makes it easy to connect with buyers
  14. I have purchased from over 20 buyers on Fiverr not once have I looked at the seller level I mostly look at the reviews. and I believe most buyers are like this
  15. [image removed because it contains a username other than your own] Image referred to “XXXXXX can no longer be contacts. This will not affect your response…”
  16. of course it is fair if you don’t want to use there platform go some where else they make it pretty clear that they are taking 20%
  17. Fiverr will give you a chance to say your side before they take any action either way
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