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  1. Happy new Year with a huge number of orders 😃
  2. Yeah bro , too bad ! -50% of earning or more than that :!
  3. This is why I prefer to delivery some projects after more than 3 or 5 hours or more …
  4. Hi, No worries your money is in safe just contact support and they will solve your issue .
  5. Hello ! I have a bad experience with dropbox it take too long time when uploading the files and at the end nothing uploaded . also mediafire I tried to upload on it and the process stopped at 37% after a long time waiting . Please which site you recommend ? expect google drive . Thanks
  6. How are you supposed to sense the buyer’s satisfaction level before you’ve seen their review? I understand that some buyers will make comments as they go, ask for revisions etc. but if a seller hasn’t heard anything from them once they’ve delivered, they must assume they’re happy until they get to read their actual review. Then bang - disappointment. 🙁
  7. Actually the review option was made to share your experience with your buyer, this is why Fiverr make it Blind to tell you indirectly DON’T reply to what buyer said in his reviews , but share your experience . if you feel that you did a great job , describe when you submit your review like : the buyer asked for some modifications and i did anything he requested and he was satisfied with the result … etc . if you feel that your buyer has unsatisfied or disappointed with the result, it is best not to leave a review.
  8. Hello ! the red small dot not appear when i receive messages , Is there anyone like me or I should contact CS about this matter?
  9. Hello all =) I hope that everything goes well 🙂 I just want to know if anybody has asked the CS or has an experience . Is it possible to share or deliver files using google drive link ? I need to deliver a large file and on fiverr it take a long time . Thank you in advance for your help
  10. Thank you for reply 🙂 Can i deliver the work using a google drive link in the delivery without uploading any image or file ? just the link in the message of delivery
  11. Yes i cleared the browser cache but without any result
  12. Helo =) I don’t know why i can’t upload or delivery anything Today !
  13. I think it disappear from your account after 90 days . this is what i heard from someone
  14. Great ! Congrats ! Is it possible to tell us how much you earned from 150 orders .?
  15. Congrats! could you share with us more about your story i mean more details :star_struck: for motivation . Thanks a lot
  16. Excellent Tips , You shared everything and all what the new seller need to getting orders . Thanks !
  17. Hi everybody =) I always wonder how Fiverr algorythm works about the ranking of gigs. Is anyone able to tell us anything about that thing ? According to my simple experience, I think that Fiverr rank the Gigs based on : Response Rate, Delivering on Time, timing of the response, completion of projects and ratings What do you think ?
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