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  1. Thanks for your help could please tell me online tool to fix them Thanks again
  2. OK thank how can I fix could you please tell me
  3. That is my question how is my gig rank could you please assist me with some gig tags
  4. And my gig impressions going down day by day Thanks
  5. Yes but now a day my gig did not rank up day by bay my gig rank down that is why we have no work there is one work in queue that is give by my old client Thanks
  6. Here is my gig link. Could you please check my gig and give me your expert feedback about my gig. Fiverr.com logotodaydesign : I will design 4 modern minimalist logo for $5 on fiverr.comFor only $5, logotodaydesign will design 4 modern minimalist logo. | ll design an Outstanding LOGO with my creativity and skills in Vector (Ai and EPS), JPEG and transparent PNG✔ GetORIGINAL Logoconcepts for your websites/business/product!✔ My | On...
  7. Yes mostbof the buyer amis really disheart tobus by his review first he is very happy but the time of review he left 4 stars
  8. I’ve only had that happen one time with an obvious scam attempt. The $5 buyers were the ones very concerned with that $5 and trying to get it back. Generally speaking, $5 buyers are very money conscious and aware they spent a whopping $5, and are more likely to try to get it back. Either that or they immediately forget they even placed an order and never bother to come back to fill in the requirements so the order starts. Yes yor are right thanks
  9. You are right and you are given a very good example water and oil
  10. Nope that is not a reason to block the buyer the reason is that one buyer massage me for a work but he did not know what he want do I am told him I can not do your order but he always please help me and after this he is start black mailing I am going to reort you to fiverr
  11. If I can block any buyer that is any effect on mw Please tell me
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