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  1. Thanks for the reply. Since there are no other replies I would assume you are correct. So it’s just a thing Fiverr either does randomly or for handpicked sellers. Hmmmm. I was hoping there was a setting I wasn’t seeing that I could just switch on or something I could configure. Oh, well.
  2. I noticed many sellers have a click-and-scroll, “What people loved about this seller” section that appears above the “About This Gig” section on their gig page(s). By clicking, you can see positive reviews without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page. This click-and-scroll reviews section appears on gig pages for those at Level 1 all the way up through Top Rated Sellers. I have been a Level 1 seller for several months but don’t see it on my page. How do I get this to appear on my gig page?
  3. Maybe it depends on your category, but there are plenty of buyer requests available in, let’s say, voice over. Granted, many of the buyer requests are not applicable, such as ones requiring a language you don’t speak, but generally there are a decent amount you can submit offers on. Also, you need to keep checking.
  4. Hello, talhamisbah218. I am assuming you are new to Fiverr; if so, welcome. If you are only new to the Buyer Requests section I think you’ll find it can be a valuable resource for growing your business. When you visit your dashboard as a seller, at the top of your screen to the far right, you would click “More.” Next, click on “Buyer Requests.” Essentially, they are just that: requests from buyers that are available for sellers to make offers on. Buyers provide a budget along with a description of what they are looking for, and sellers can submit offers. If the buyer accepts the offer, they respond to the seller accordingly, either by engaging in further dialogue to work out the details, or to directly place an order.
  5. It took me 5 months to receive my first order, and I would say it was mostly because my gig wasn’t set up right. What I mean by that is everything from my photo, missing video, and description were all issues. It was only when I made some major revisions and minor tweaks that I received my very first order. Think of it like planting a seed and expecting a tree to grow from it and produce fruit. You need to make sure it has adequate nutrients in the soil, along with the right amount of sun and water. You will also need to prune it from time to time. The same holds true with your own business here on Fiverr or elsewhere. That said, I absolutely do appreciate someone having the resolve to stick with something and not give up- even after 5 or 6 months, but along with being patient, one needs to seek solutions and be willing to do the things to help bring about success.
  6. It seems there really is an honor system when it comes to agreements between VO buyers/sellers, and sellers are required to do their own policing. Does a VO have any recourse if, say, a buyer uses a voiceover for broadcast/commercial purposes yet chooses not to pay for the rights?
  7. Great conversation here; I really appreciate it. As a voice over talent, Broadcast/commercial rights on Fiverr has always been a gray and fuzzy area for me. I know of fellow VO’s who are charging $75-$100 for these rights and clients are willing to pay it. Then again, I’ve seen other successful VO’s charging to next to nothing for the same rights. So, that’s my issue. What should “I” charge? I wish there were some standard rates that would take the guesswork or trial/error out of it for VO’s.
  8. Hello, Jamirul. I looked at your gigs and in my opinion you have done a good job with setting them up. They look clear and professional and also you provide good detail for potential clients. Keep in mind you’ve been on Fiverr for less than a month, which is not that long. It took me over 5 months before I received my first order. I certainly hope you don’t have to wait that long. What I did during the 5 months was periodically make changes to my gigs to make them more attractive and professional looking. One suggestion I have is to make a video for at least one of your gigs. The video does not have to be a live video of you but can simply be a photo of you (and then your power point if you wish) along with your voice or even a voice over artist’s voice. The audio should be a brief greeting or introduction and then a description of your services. I find it does make a difference when potential clients are looking on pages that they can simply click on your thumbnail and the will instantly hear something like, “Hello Fiver users. I’m Jamirul and I’m here to…” If done well, this makes a good impression and can help set you apart from the competition and generate orders. Again, this does not need to be anything fancy, but if you want you could hire a fellow Fiverr freelancer to create a simple and short video for you at a reasonable cost.
  9. Ditto. Same red dot issue. No new messages or notifications, but it shows up just the same. It is annoying.
  10. @ilovevoiceover Thank you so much, Lisa. Your encouragement and happiness to see others succeed means a lot, more than you could know. Especially when you keep plugging away for months with no results. I am very happy to say I have now received and delivered 3 orders!! 😀 It really felt like I was miles away from anything happening, but your were right. Now I can encourage someone else. Thank you again, Lisa. I appreciate you very much.
  11. I am so happy to hear that. I also recently received and filled my first two orders and am now working on my third. It pays to have a positive attitude and persistence. 👍
  12. @steve_maxell Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey. It can get frustrating, and my frustration led me to start this thread. I am happy to know you were able to get out of that rut and get started and get some sales under your belt. I am sure with your attitude and desire to help others that you will continue to grow. I feel it’s crucial to get those first few orders (I still have the one at this point) to help build confidence and establish credibility. I realize the videos are important, and I didn’t have one up for months. I then put up a video for a couple of weeks but took it down as the quality was poor and I felt it hurt more than helped. I recently made a video which utilizes just a single image but I feel it is an improvement as buyers can click and play right on the search results page. I’ll get better with videos as I go along but at least that’s something, and I have noticed many successful voice over artists are doing something similar. I agree about Earl and Timothy; they are no nonsense and are very inclusive. Neither of them has ever made me feel like I’m beneath them; they truly want to help people succeed. That same spirit is in the entire Steps To Voice-Over Success group, everyone is helpful and supportive. As far as my niche, I love radio. I enjoy commercials and have also been thinking about some other things such as doing a character demo and see what happens with that. I’d also like to do some motivational/inspirational stuff and where that goes. That is an important part of who I am so I feel there is something there but I haven’t yet connected the dots. I have some apprehension about doing an audio book but I know at some point I need to experience it to really know what it’s like. So, I guess I’m searching and feeling my way and figuring it out as I go.
  13. Also, I’m a member of Steps To Voice-Over Success on Facebook. It’s a group Earl started and Timothy Banfield (FunnyGuyTimmy) is also a member. It’s a great resource for learning, as well as receiving and giving support.
  14. I’m already subscribed to both of their channels and have been following them for a while. They are extremely helpful. :+1:t3:
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