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  1. You remain a level 1 seller untill you qualify to move to level 2. Easy…
  2. Me neither. Maybe every seller has his or her time
  3. You’re welcome to fiverr. Hope you make a sale soon
  4. Hi Cris welcome to the forum, glad to let you know I’m a teacher too; an Accounting teacher. I joined fiverr 6 months ago and I’ve come to learn that fiverr requires a lot of efforts and patience. I’m sure you’ll get your first order soon. 😃
  5. Wow, so much in this period of time. That’s huge
  6. A million congrats. Your hardwork has paid off. I pray to be like u at some point in time.
  7. I agree with all the other respondents. While learning or improving your English, i think in the mean time, you could make use of the GOOGLE TRANSLATE app.
  8. I think you ought to have activated “Out of office mode”, or even paused your gigs, that would have saved you the stress.
  9. I agree with you @robinrichardleo. Fiverr certainly wants sellers who truly mean business. people who are committed to what they do; full time sellers, not part time.
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