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  1. what is the ‘fiverr’s choice’ badge on some profiles…
  2. you have to find it for YOUR time-zone by hit and trial… Generally they are low on weekends
  3. they come and go v quickly … you have to be vigilant… installing fiverr app would be a good idea…
  4. I have the same problem … desktop shows all… mobile app forces me to use the gig it picked … be it the wrong one
  5. I am also a payoneer user from pakistan … and the limit used to be 50$ minimum for withdrawl to local bank account… now it has been raised to 150$ … and I am also waiting for it to reach there to withdraw to bank… HOWEVER you can use your mastercard online even if there is 1$ in it …
  6. On another freelancing platform … I had a similar experience … I in my over excitement visited the link they sent me … and It was NOTHING just an attempt to get traffic to their websites… sometimes its some plot of scammers … they want to extort money out of you… stating some project is up their sleeve you just need to deposit some gurrantees. … and BELIEVE me some of them sound v v LEGITIMATE … They even go to the lengths of putting up fake sites to extort money from you ( v LEGIT looking sites ) … so be on your guard…
  7. I have the same problem eight B/R’s are frozen and nothing is moving on that page…
  8. Hi Today 5th May Its a complete year Since I got my First order on Fiverr. Its been a year… and WHAT A YEAR 😄 … it has been such a happy, fulfilling year for me. I had lost a dear loved one only a few months ago … Fiverr helped me get distracted… I earned my first money here … first ever income… I had a professional degree but never put it to much use… It helped me put my skills to use… With every project I learnt something… Its a whole world of opportunity … FOR ALL THOSE NEWCOMMERS out there… I will say … stick around and don’t loose heart. .Its a GOLDMINE and a life-changer… Many many thanks to Fiverr for giving us all the opportunity to change our lives…
  9. A link to where you can find the answer to your question (a page that provides detailed info. on the levels system) is clearly mentioned in the ToS. Here’s the link to that page (this is the current status): https://www.fiverr.com/levels Ofcourse I know the standards … only I wanted to know your experience of it … i did 10/10 orders in 5 months … have 26 completed orders now… only waiting for the earning to come to the mark… had three cancellations aswell… SO … generally speaking i wanted to know if its the same with others… or I am going too slow…
  10. Hello I read some old threads ( dating back to 2015 ) threads here that showed sellers getting promoted to L1 pretty quick … guess those were the ‘good old days’ … what is the latest status now??
  11. You are armed to the teeth for fiverr!! … no worries… you will get work … here … but the due time for climbing levels will be there ofcourse !
  12. I did visit your gig… its FINE… nothing wrong … v lucrative… great work at econmical rates… its bound to rise again! … Good luck !
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