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  1. It’s general to have few cancellations and some are even due to buyers. I remember once a buyer placed 5 orders consistently and asked me to cancel all. What should I have done in that case? I have to cancel them all but at that time gigs were still on top few pages. I have received few orders after my gigs went down and all got good feedback. It’s fiverr algorithm I think. No keywords or anything work in this condition.
  2. Check this out: [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr I agree it’s important to give new sellers chance but what about ranked sellers who did so much efforts to grow on the platform. Fiverr forget about them after pushing them down like some kind of penalty.
  3. Hope that too. It’s very problematic to not receive orders from new customers for such a long time.
  4. It’s bearable for a short span but not for a long time. How long can one retain the old customers? Fiverr should rank again the good performing gigs after ranking new sellers for short time.
  5. Thank You. This happened to me before but gigs were ranked last time after 1 month. This time I have waited a lot but nothing happened till the date. I don’t know what’s going on.
  6. Hello friends, My gigs went down in listing for months and not ranking up for about 5 months. I am a Level 2 Seller and got many good feedbacks in this duration. I have checked and my gigs are active. Did anyone face the same issue? Can I do something to get a better ranking again?
  7. Send him a reminder. Ask him to submit the requirements so you can start working on the order! Sometimes buyers need some time to arrange things and that’s why they don’t submit requirements immediately. If it’s too long that buyer didn’t submit the requirements you can ask him.
  8. Use your own photo. Fiverr don’t accept using someone else images. On gig you can upload 3 images as far as I know. Uploading others work on your gig may restrict or disable your account.
  9. You can do few things in order to get orders initially. Always stay available or onlineSend professionally written offers on buyers requests.Keep your response rate good. <1hrOnce you get the order be honest with buyer, deliver on time, and get good feedback. This will help you in ranking your website and prove yourself.Best of luck!
  10. Hello, I am from Pakistan and I want to ask what is the best, easiest and cheapest method for withdrawal of money from Fiverr in Pakistan. Also tell me the minimum withdrawal limit of the method. I will be thankful to you. Thanks
  11. I am very glad that I have completed my first seven orders this month and got appreciation from almost every buyer on my work. Just hoping to increase the number of orders in upcoming months and trying to struggle hard to achieve this goal 🙂 Happy Earnings on Fiverr.
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