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  1. Been a while in this forum. A lot has changed since I left

  2. My account was ranking before, and all of a sudden, it dropped to last page and has remained there for a long time now. We are talking of months
  3. My account has been struggling at the bottom page for some time now and I cant seem to find a solution to it. I don't know if it is a particular gig that is causing the drag on the account, or it is something else. All effort to rescue the account is failing. I need some advice
  4. I want to get this really right. If i deliver an mp4 video in order, fiverr places a watermark on the video, and the watermark disappears when buyer confirms the order?.
  5. So do you mean video file in delivery are watermarked by fiverr or the seller?
  6. Please i would like to know how a seller can deliver a video content on fiverr and have it watermarked before a buyer accepts
  7. For a month now,all my gig have been placed on the last page and all effort to bring it to where it used to be has proven abortive. On relevance searches, my best selling gig usually appears on page 1, but now all gigs are at the last page in search
  8. My gigs have never been on the last page even in my worse performance on fiverr. On the general page, my gigs can not be found. It can only be found on the last page, when you narrow the search down to ‘level 2’.
  9. This has never happened to me before. no matter how poorly i have performed, of which i haven’t performed so poorly. My gig has never disappeared from search. I painstakingly searched through each page and couldn’t see my gig. page by page, to 150 pages, and i have 4 gigs in that niche
  10. I am experiencing thesame issue. I just raised a thread on this issue. I have searched through all the pages and could’nt find my gig, and they could’nt give me a good reply. I challenged support to show me the page wher my gig is placed, and they couldn’nt.
  11. All my gigs in a particular niche suddenly disappeared from the general search ‘Recommended’. They can only be found when the search is narrowed down to level based, and even at that, they appear at the last page. This has never happened before, and i feel something is wrong. I complained to support and they keep saying that the gig is visible. Please who has encountered this before. I need a way out because support couldn’t help
  12. I think fiver needs to put a mechanism in place where buyers and sellers resolve their issues without anyone getting shortchanged. There should be an option of sellers getting paid for an order they have put time into, and buyer changes his/her mind before submission. There should be an option for buyer agreeing to to release certain amount from the order sum if they decide not to go ahead with the order. And it must not affect a sellers rating because the seller did nothing wrong
  13. When the order was created, the buyer said he has a presentation and needs the job ASAP. 3 days max. I started the job, only to get a message that the presentation has been shifted. I suggested to extend the delivery time to accommodate for when he will be ready, since I have already put some time into the job, but buyer was mute on the issue
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