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  1. It does not matter either you are experienced or not. Try to set your gig rates as lower as possible so that the buyer will easily get comprehended that you are not a pro in your field and will contact you for the projects which are more simple as per your skill set. When the gig rates are lower their is not need to explain buyer that you know how to do work but do not have too much practical experience of it. But if you are pro in skill do not set lower rates. Thank you
  2. No worries ma’am, you can still do whatever you want. You can go to edit section and edit the gig description by using different keywords and whatever techniques you would like to apply on gig.
  3. No brother if your order is extended and then again you need some time to finish the task so again you have to extend the delivery time otherwise the order will be considered as late delivery. I experienced it that is why so sure about it 🙂
  4. Whenever you face such situation in which buyer is not able to respond you, just go to the RESOLUTION CENTER and extend the delivery time. As you raise the request to extend the delivery time the buyer will have authority to accept it or decline it. If he leave the request as it is then the order will not be considered as LATE DELIVERY.
  5. It does not matter at which place your gig is standing. Right now i have a gig on the 1st page but not getting orders. But there was a time that is was on after 5th page but at that time there were many orders. So do not give up and do get dishearten. Keep on focusing on your gig description key words, make changes in it and then just check impressions on daily basis.
  6. Same issue with my gigs visible on the first page but getting very few inquires.
  7. Brother no need to worry about it. I have visited your gig you have a good reputation on Fiverr. Do not get dishearten. Just do focus on such KEYWORDS in your gig title and in the description which not too common. Try to change 3 gig images of your gig just after a period of time. It will also have an impact on the gig rating.
  8. I has been almost 3 months and i got almost no order on fiverr. Pleas do help me and suggest me what to do to get the orders. My gig was on the front page of fiverr but now it is on 3rd and even i am not getting the view on my gig. Need suggestions.
  9. It is really simple just stick to you task on sending request to the buyers and you would definitely get the order.
  10. Congratulation…same happened with me, i also got my very 1st order cancelled. But now i am level 2 seller. keep on moving and best of luck 🙂
  11. Hey. Do not worry about it. Just send him any thing image file or any incomplete file and write a message that you need some more time the attached file is just to stop the time limit…then he must send you a revision request and it will solve you problem. I have tried it so many time it will definitely work trust me. Thank you
  12. Just go through you gig data. Match your profile with the top rated seller and check what makes them to stand apart from the new seller. It will definitely work.
  13. It might be in approval phase or rejected by the fiverr due to any specific rule.
  14. Same situation is with me. Do not worry hope for the best 🙂
  15. Welcome on the most user friendly freelance platform 🙂
  16. Try to provide some value added services to you client. It is just a beginning start you business with less profit and sustain your position as a trusty seller. Simple is that, “Provide more to your seller in lesser price”.
  17. oh that is great i have set my gig as per instructed. Let’s see what positive change it will bring.
  18. I am a fiverr user since 2018, initially i got few orders but with the passage of time i received multiple order and after become a level one seller my account had boasted and i earned handsome amount after that i become a seller two with in a month. But now the issue has aroused it has been a month and just received one order which is very disappointing for me. Now i need some suggestions. Kindly share your experiences with me does it happen in any specific month or it is totally a luck to get the projects on this platform? (most of my customers are from USA)
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