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  1. This issue is so annoying in fiverr , i faced it a coupe times and i face it now again so i thought to call for help , i delivered my order to the seller and it’s been like a day and half without any response … what i do now ? also if he contacted me for like an edit or changes to the order after the order is complete (3 days auto marked as done ) , do i do it ? , or tell him the order is done and i can’t make changes ? thx in advance
  2. Great story dude , me 2 , i was like dreaming to get a gaming pc , i watched gameplays and always said when can i play this dudes , and finally after 2 years of teaching myself video editing and web design i now have a pc that can run every game i want and ps4 , can’t wish for more
  3. also now i can’t even reply to her it says " ******* can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate. " i hate this kind of people
  4. so i have this new client who wants to contact her on her email cuz she rarely come in the website … do i do it or not ?
  5. I have been trough best 4 months of my life in Fiverr , a lot of orders , non stopping work , lot of messages , but now , ahhh , it’s been 2 weeks , no orders , messages , it’s like I don’t even exist anymore , it making me feel sad a bit you know after all of that work now , I’m kinds doing nothing , so is that normal , do I take actions or after a while I may get orders and the wheel start rolling ?
  6. So is it ok to have like a drop down , I had like a great 4 or 3 months of sales , but now it’s been like 2 or 3 weeks no orders I think only one or two orders has came to me but , should i look and change something with my gigs , or is that just a drop down time and every single come back as normal way have you got no it’s my first time having this drop-down so I thought why don’t I just post here in the forum and see what experts can advise me to do
  7. ooh , i’m i in trouble right now , i did it before but the buyer acutely needed my email to send files , and we worked great but this time i don’t know , so what should i do now and what to do if a client asked for my email ?
  8. so a buyer called *****, asked me to email her at her email , she’s online on fiverr but till now she didn’t respond to me email , is that okay ? or she’s like asking other sellers and collecting emails , or something like that ? Mod Note: Title & Post edited. User name removed.
  9. so i’m level 2 seller now , lol it was great , but for the past 5 days i didn’t get any orders , i know that’s okay and i won’t get orders everyday , but u know it’s not cool , i’m i the only facing this ? also guys so what’s the next step , like i want to earn more money , is there a way to take advantage of being a level 2 seller so i double my income or something like that ? thanks everyone and have a great day cheers , H
  10. thanks to all of you guys , thank god it affects sales i will go take a break on the beach 😂 happy new year to all of you and hope we make more money in the next year :rofl:
  11. Happy new year everyone at first , so does Christmas really affect the sales and orders ?
  12. when i be level 1 seller one of the benefits is * Eligibility to be featured at promotional listings , what is that’s even mean ?
  13. as i said in the title , so will this upgrade will get me more orders or …
  14. one client i work him just canceled the order , i explained in the comment that he didn’t know what he even want and also communication with him so bad and he respond after a day on my messages , is that canceling will affect me alot or a small bit as i have another 10 great reviews ?
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