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  1. Sorry about that…I’ll correct that now no need to be sorry.
  2. @rasifakbar Thats good that you agree with him lol it’s her not him :rofl:
  3. @somaginer1996 You sound selfish because you fear competition from other writers being that English is not your native language… Weren’t you wishing to make your first sale when you first started on fiverr? Weren’t you wishing that a buyer would give you a chance even though you were new and a novice with no reviews on fiverr when you first started? Its time to give new sellers with no reviews on fiverr a chance just like how you were give a chance when you first started if there are 100 new sellers 99 would definite be holding some skills or talent.
  4. @somaginer1996 everyone has a different point of view to look at different things, I respect yours 🙂 best of luck for more success.
  5. we can’t judge someone’s abilities and skills until we get a chance to work with them. life is full of good and bad experiences and this is the way we learn.
  6. I agree with the fact that if you are showcasing best, you will get the best ultimately.
  7. I was saying, if buyer will give the chance to the new seller, they can prove themselves and it’s the only way they can show their abilities. No doubt you gave your best and get the reward.
  8. I agree with your opinion, but when you were a novice here with a few reviews, someone picked you over someone with hundred reviews. Everyone has to start with something, I don’t think it’s a bad adventure to hire a new seller. 😉
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