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  1. Eurgh, he’s refused to accept cancelled order. It’s a never-ending saga!
  2. Hmm, Fiverr is saying that if I request the buyer to cancel, it’s going to have a negative impact on my profile?
  3. Thank you so much for replying - you’ve made me feel so much better. I think from further conversation that he’s a bit of a chancer so it’s time to walk away to prevent a bad review. Also, I’m gonna keep that A-Hole tax tip for a later date 😉 Thanks again 🙂
  4. Also - thank you so much for replying - I got myself into a bit of a panic!
  5. To be honest - their response is pretty incoherent and vague. “The document came through, but personally I find the article is not cohesive and potent… I must say I like the concept but I know you can do a much better job. So please impress me with the review of your original submittal.” Original request stated: “I am not going to give you any topic, the only requirement is it must be an original piece on the [xxxxxxxxxx] niche any topic of your choice. The freedom of expression and creativity belongs to the writer.” See what I mean about vague?
  6. Hi all, I’ve got my second order through Buyers Requests. The request was very vague - choose my own topic, own writing style and narrative, as long as it was SEO optimized. I feel the content provided was what was asked, it ticks all the boxes and they’re asking for a full modification not long before the deadline (also must note the order was delivered 9 hours before the deadline). Is there a way to protect sellers? I’m frightened of getting a negative review on my second gig when there’s nothing I can do as the order - following the brief - is completely fulfilled. Huge thanks for any help!
  7. Just wondering how often the section gets updated? Seems to be that it’s not really in realtime, or is that just me?
  8. I was so happy when that notification came through I had an order. Managed to get the job turned around in an hour or so, and the buyer seems very happy and has left me a 5* review! It can be done folks!
  9. I’m new here and have been setting up some gigs but wanted to make sure I was using the right approach? Also, I know to check out buyer requests, but so far there have been none in my area. Any advice?
  10. You’re right - thanks for the advice! I need to get my head round how the search works on site on Fiverr, and if it’s last come, last served up to any buyers!
  11. Thanks for offering advice and that’s so nice of you to check out my gigs! I think I went in too complicated to begin with - have broken out packages and lowered prices right down so will continue with that and see if I can get some sales from there!
  12. Thanks for replying! Having one of those ‘am I doing this whole thing right’ moments. Going to hunt around for some beginner tips and see if someone could look over my gigs! Thanks again 🙂
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