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  1. Thanks for your top. Can you please give top how to get first impression?
  2. My itself experience it that Review never deleted because of gig deleting. it is sure there is no doubt in above statement. 2ndly if you create a new gig it will show as no mark mean with out any review. it is consider blank review until you got review on it.
  3. Universal accepted minimum size 550 x 370 px. How ever You can exceed some point on both side.
  4. Buyer Order decision mostly on the basis of reviews but in my opinion buyer should also keep in view the Gig description of some new seller that have low price and also talk with seller to judge his capability to work on that assignment. Because new seller can give better quality of work with low price than that of high priced and over booked seller.
  5. Unlimited revision is not good but must it be the part of gig. In my opinion 3~4 revision is enough. Buyer must share her detail requirement with seller so that seller can put work as per requirement.
  6. With experience seller take price rise but buyer always see some other things just keep in view only to review. The other things are the description and talk with buyer. Their communication give some best know how either the seller can do the job or not? So buyer must keep in view description and give chance to low price seller also.
  7. Really a great overall tips for buyer’s test to seller. These three things are might enough.
  8. The only communication I give is the gig description, I hate waking up to this: “Are u online? I am looking for some captions for our company. Is it possible for you to do in next 5 hours? Lemme know if interested.” “Hello, I’m interested in your service to invent the brand name of our aerosol spray products.” I don’t know why they didn’t go ahead and order. Most of my clients go ahead and order. I guess buyers message for the following reasons. They want to make sure the seller is responsiveThey think they need permission to orderThey don’t feel comfortable ordering right awayI would encourage the buyers to read the gig description. If you’re not being asked to contact the seller, if you don’t have questions, then just order. I’ll be polite with them either way. As my life coach taught me, “you can’t control what happens, you can control how you react to it.” Communication mean the reply should be clear which finish the doubt about any type of question.
  9. Wellcome on Fiverr, Its platform for success but you just need hard work. Please polish your skill by joining the Fiverr skill program and deliver best for client.
  10. You are great, its really matter, Buyer should contact before confirming order.
  11. You have to choose optimize title and description which in trending work requirement. If work and skill in trending topic then 2 to 3 gigs are create massive business.
  12. plz always revise from seller before confirming the order. This is good manual technique.
  13. Thanks, for buyer’s tips, i analyse always bargaining on price should before interest confirmation. after confirming seller give high price.
  14. Thanks, sir, i get resoved my problem with this sharing.
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