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  1. Yes that’s the thing. When new clients are knocking me, I am getting this one just above the first message. Anyway thanks.
  2. This is not flag actually. It’s shows by default whenever any new clients knocks. And I never ever asked payment outside of fiverr. Anyway thanks.
  3. What is this feature about? What types of protection Fiverr is going to provide? Any idea? What do you think? I noticed this one when 2 days back I received new knocks from clients. Thanks
  4. Hi mudassara1, Hope you are doing well! While sending buyer requests, always try to concentrate on what they are expecting. Try to provide some solution of their problems and make them understand that you are capable enough to make a value and provide what they are asking. Most importantly, make sure you have a good number of projects to show clients as your portfolio, that make you more credible to the clients. Hope you find it helpful. Good Luck and Happy Freelancing!
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