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  1. Hello There, Unfortunately I am experiencing a problem recently that my order completion rate is decreasing 1% per day… I don’t know why this is happening… 1 order cancelled at last 10-15 days ago and my completion rate decreased 2% for that. But still my order completion rate decreasing day by day without any reason… This is really very bad. Is this happening because of the revision ? I don’t think so. If anyone can help me, that will be great. Thanks
  2. Hello There… A few hours ago I got an order from a client… And after sometime the client asking me to cancel the order by saying it was ordered by mistake. Now My question is, is there any way to cancel the order without affecting my order completion rate ?? Thank you
  3. Hello, I don’t know why this happened. My seller level had upgraded to level 2 today. And somehow after 5-6 hrs later I am seeing that the level has been downgraded to level 1. Can I know or anyone can tell me what happened immediately to my profile ? Thanks
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