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  1. Give time to Fiverr marketplace as long as you can,send buyer request, study about Gig…All the best.
  2. I am also here after 2 years,getting everything nice though. Just keep yourself updated.
  3. Specifically, the new buyer, they don’t know the significance of review.That’s really a problem.
  4. Don’t stop, it also helps Fiverr to understand that you are active there.
  5. Do SEO and share your gig as much as you can.
  6. Thanks for sharing, these are the pathetic threat while working in Fiverr, But the good thing is at last,Fiverr heard from you and understood the situation of a seller.
  7. Excellent, can you share how could you resolve the situation?
  8. It is really disappointing, all we can do just work here without safety.
  9. Are you sure? Because 1 of my colleague got warning when she shared a screenshot of a particular social site, though it was necessary to complete her job. If you know exactly,please share here.
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