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  1. Hi @rankinfinite what would be your suggestion then.I would love to hear from you. Thanks
  2. You are incorrect, it will not. People won’t hire seller unless they possess the skills to sell what they’re offering. Hello @gina_riley2 it worked for me though. I would like to hear your idea. Please share your experience. Thanks
  3. Keep utilizing your buyer request option from selling. This might get you some fortune on fiverr as a biginner.
  4. Thanks @tarique_jsr for sharing your experience.I would practice this for my clients too. It was pleasure to hear fromfrom you.Thanks.
  5. hey @explainicks thanks for your suggestion. I did it sent him the files.Actually i was confused which way should i use to send him the edited files again. Accomplished his task he left smiling. Cheers
  6. Hello everyone. I am having an issue. I have recently delivered an order which was automatically accepted. Before delivery and after delivery I have tried to contact buyer if he/she needs any revisions, but I didn’t get any reply. After delivery was accepted automatically buyer sent me a message to provide revision. Now I don’t have any option to redeliver again. I have explained the situation to the buyer.But buyer is asking me to refund and he/she will order me again. What should I do now?
  7. Hello everyone am a newbie on fiverr. I wanna open a gig on invitation design for my profile. But am in super maze in terms of selecting the category. Need some suggestions or you can share your experience to get me an idea. Thanks A.R.M Jamal
  8. Thank you so much @expertpeople for your reply. I have got the solution 😃 .
  9. Thanks @lloydsolutions for your quick reply it was my buyer’s typing error. He meant standard size.
  10. I’d usually say Google is your friend, but Google doesn’t seem to know what one of those is - sorry! Yes i have tried with google but got no relevant answer. 😦 getting puzzled up.
  11. What is the exact size ratio for designing a starboard size restaurant menu???
  12. Welcome on fiverr.Best of luck with your gigs. Thanks for sharing your view.Appreciate. 🙂
  13. I joined fiverr on July 2017.I made my gigs a week ago and got my first order on the second day.I have just followed the tips I have got from here.Thanks for sharing your advice appreciate. Thanks
  14. Are you a new seller? Your gigs are not getting desireable result?? You are not wining bids on buyer requests??? Alright let’s find answers to these questions. As you have already joined fiverr, created gigs upon your skilled services; you must know by now fiverr is already flooded with millions of talented sellers. Thousands of new sellers around the world are joining fiverr everyday. You will find thousands of similar kind of gigs just like yours. So you definitely need some trick to compit other sellers gig and also get your very 1st order. Well the trick is really simple nothing like a rocket science. As you are reading my article here, so you are already at the den of doers,there is no need to worry at all now. First of all if you are not a reader, then you have to adopt this habit right from now. You will get the logic behid this in a while. Fiverr forum, blog, community are the one and only place where you will find real doers. Sellers from round the world share their tips, ideas and provide efficient advice to help newbies. If you start visiting forum more often and read out the articles are being shared here and the articles on blogs. Rather then spending hours on social media news feed and surfing on Google shooting your questions regards to fiverr. Spend more time here headup your issues shoot your questions here. You will believe or not you will gather bunch of knowledge and you can apply them for your own. I have got my 1st order reading out tips and articles from the blog and applied the same formula as experts shared. I got my result now its your turn.
  15. Congratulations for starting on fiverr as seller and welcome to forum.I hope you will be doing great with your gig. Thanks Jamal
  16. I had a repeat buyer who was also a seller. She asked me for an order and its duration was 3 days. She kept on asking when will it be ready and I told about the delivery deadline and asked to order gig extra if she wanted to rush the project. She declined… and eventually lost her cool on the second day. She was like: YOU HAVE TO SEND ME SAMPLES. TWO DAYS HAVE PASSED AND YOU HAVE NOT SENT SAMPLES. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WAIT ONE MORE DAY FOR THEM. Mind you, she was a repeat buyer and knew my working pattern. I cancelled the order hurriedly. Both of us got a sigh of relief. 😃 The reason I am mentioning this is because… genuine buyers might spam too. 😛 So why fiverr is not coming up with solutions for such kind of spams ?? This kind of concerns really hampers other on going projects of the seller. Complete mental distraction. 🙁
  17. i hope you did not mention unlimited revisions on your gig.:thinking:
  18. very useful topic. thanks for sharing this with us. looking forward for your next topic 👍
  19. would you please explain what is the actual thing you meant on this line “2.If the category that you are looking for is not a tag on your gig” Thanks 🙂
  20. Hey Phaedralabh You seem like really confused.Well you want to design a logo for your blog?? Well am a graphic designer.can i help you??? Thanks Jamal
  21. i think most of the sellers does the same. 😉
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