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  1. I am in the same boat my friend! Was ranked on the first page, receiving fiverr choice awards, and having to turn down work.....now i'm grovelling in the buyer request section wondering where it all went wrong.
  2. After my 100th review i’ve just had to accept my first cancellation. Buyer gave no feedback/direction, so was basically having to read their mind. Didn’t try and appeal as I assumed they would have just given me a bad review, so I chose a cancellation over a bad review. How badly did a cancellation effect your sales?
  3. I always aim to pay off my monthly mortgage re-payment on my home (£510). Any more than that is a bonus.
  4. Damn! Was not expecting a blow-out like that! Brady = GOAT
  5. Gig limiter? What’s this? Same happened to me. Beginning of January I was over whelmed with orders so had to set status to unavailable. When I switched it back on it took about 12 days or so before I started getting work again.
  6. I’ve just been promoted to Level 2 Quarterback. Pray for me!
  7. My content will free from grammatical error. Oh the irony. Yeh, quite a few grammatical errors. I would amend this first
  8. send out all your allotted buyer requests every day. This will drive traffic to your gigs.
  9. Man, it really is disheartening hearing experiences like this. I need 1 more order and I will achieve level 2, but will all the hard work be worth it? It seems like it comes with zero benefits.
  10. Yes. Certain times of the day there will be no requests. For me, most requests seem to be posted around 5pm GMT. Just keep checking throughout the day.
  11. This has happened to me before. Just assumed they had done it by accident.
  12. Probably to do with the rotation of gig ranking. I was really busy during December and beginning of January, so much so that I had to pause my gig as I was over booked. I checked my gig ranking and noticed I was on page 2, so that would be the reason for the sudden influx of orders. However, I am not getting any orders now, and my gig has disappeared from the first few pages. But I will be patient and wait for the rotation to happen again…I hope.
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