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  1. Hi Super cool people, I know that every one is busy these days.I want few minutes from your precious time.I want you to visit my Profile and help me improve my Gigs.I want you visit My Gigs and let me know where I am making mistake. I have tried many things But I wasn’t successful. Thanks!
  2. Yes, you are right but it had eligibility criteria.If you meet the criteria you get the option.I think it was very helpful for those who were not among the sales!
  3. Fiverr has removed availble now option from search filters…Anybody who can share thoughts on that?I used to get some orders using that but nothing now 😥
  4. I think mostly it depends on reviews and delievery rate.
  5. Hello everyone, I used to get 10 orders on average in a month But suddenly from last month no order.I will be gratefull if you guys can go through my Gigs and let me know where i am getting wrong. Gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/aizaz1214/do-html-php-bootstrap-for-you https://www.fiverr.com/aizaz1214/do-wordpress-theme-customization-for-you Thanks!!!
  6. I Just created a Gig and Was wondering how much it will take to be Active.It’s in DRAFT now. Thanks!
  7. I am not using any Social media uptill now to get Traffic on my Gigs.I heard about Google plus that It is very Big platform to get traffic.Can Anyone Here Let me know How Can it be Useful for me. Thanks In advance 🙂
  8. Hello EveryOne, I am new to this Forum.I know you can find the solutions to your fiverr problems from Pro Here and Many Tips as Well.I Just want to know How forum Can help you to get lot of traffic to your profile? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your valuable suggetions It means alot.I will definately work on this.
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