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  1. Hi, I've been a Fiverr seller for more than 4 years. And in last 2 years I've been getting overwhelming orders. I even sometimes had to enable out of office mode because I couldn't handle the orders. But about 2 weeks ago when I came form a vacation after closing the out of office mode I started getting around 1 - 2 orders per day ( my avarage was 5 - 6 orders per day ) so it's pretty low but not concerning. But then I had to cancel a order because the buyer was unresponsive and rude, so I contacted customer support and after discussing they cancelled the order. And from then I didn't receive a single order. Only few orders by my previous clients. Also very few buyers was texting me which didn't even turn into orders. I've updated my images, changed description and lowered prices. Still no luck. So I've been thinking of using the gig promotion thingy, is it any good ? Can I use it to get some orders and start the flow and then opt out of it ? Thanks for reading :)
  2. Just keep doing your good work, only review can’t affect your gig ranking. Keep good work and it will right back where it belongs. Some Buyers do this kind of thing because they want us to read there mind telepathically so they don’t have to answer our question. One of my client order website designing and I delivered him a good website, neither he asked for modification nor an extra feature just leave 2.5 start with not satisfed text. I asked him before if he happy with my delivery or not, does he want modification? He want me to become professor x, But I block him afterwards. Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!
  3. Fiverr is so incredibly strict about review manipulation that you should literally not even mention a review to a buyer. I’m afraid you’re right.
  4. Actually it’s against Fiverr T&C to ask a buyer to change the review, also he won’t change it I’m pretty sure about that.
  5. Hello everyone, Hope all are doing well. I’m a Graphics Designer working here on Fiverr from last 2 Years and never got a negative review until now. Some days ago a guy bought 2 Banners from me, after showing him the Designs he told me to change little things here and there so I did those and he said it was perfect so I delivered it. He accepted the order right away. Then he told me in private message where is the Banners I can’t find it, Then I tried to give him instructions but as he didn’t understand I sent both Banners again in messages. Then next day he messaged me saying 1 of the Banner’s some parts looking blurry on YouTube, I simply asked him to send me a screenshot so I can understand better. He sent me a screenshot captured from a mobile. I saw the whole Banner was looking a bit blurry and overall low resolution but the both files I sent were perfect size and resolution so I told him to try uploading the Banner again and he said it’s same. So I advised download again form my messages and upload form a desktop. I also sent him a screenshot of that Banner looking perfect on my test channel. He didn’t replied for 3 days, then posted a 2.3 review saying I didn’t do his modifications and wasted his time asking too many questions about the design. If you search YouTube Banner, my that gig was in the second line of first page now you can’t even find it. I was about to reach 1k completed orders by this weekend but now I’m getting no orders. It really hurts to deal with such a terrible thing, also I do this full time so it’s really affecting my life as well. Feel free to share your thoughts and if anyone knows how Fiverr works and how I can resolve this ( getting sales again ) Also I’m these days frequently getting 4.3 and 4.7 Stars because of the app bug, buyers told me that they wanted to put 5 but it says error. I told them to contact CS but they were lazy and I totally understand that. Thank you, Have a great day ahead. Vishal.
  6. Hey there, I currently in a middle of a trouble situation. I previously used to use my dad’s Payoneer account to " Bank Transfer " because I was not 18 to create mine. After almost 2 years Now I’m 19 so decided to create mine so asked Fiverr CS to remove my Payoneer they told to ask Payoneer CS and they did so and I came back to Fiverr CS and they did something that now I can add a new " Bank Transfer " Option. So I clicked on it as previously It verifies phone number then emailed with the Link. I opened the link and landed on Fiverr’s website as usual with a Get Started button and some details about Payoneer. Then After clicking Get Started it’s showing Error 404 " The Page you’ve requested doesn’t exist or deleted " - told about this to Fiverr CS they again told me to contact Payoneer CS. And probably because my Payoneer account is brand new they aren’t showing me live chat option so I mailed them and waiting for their 3 - 5 Business Days Reply. Any of your Thoughts will be Appreciated 🙂 Vishal
  7. Okay but in fiverr in bank transfer section it’s says $3 fee per withdrawal.
  8. Same as market depending on your bank. As all banks are thugs they will have hidden fees calculated into the exchange rate. But as you can’t see it, it will not hurt you. No, in my country there’s no fee in Bank. I get Exactly PayPal shows as Sent. But Problem is PayPal conversion rate is lower than the actual market rate. PayPal shows the conversion rate with PayPal’s conversion fees.
  9. And what about the conversation rates ? Any fees ? Or same as market ?
  10. That’s mean u use Bank transfer. How is the fees ?
  11. But when you will transfer Fiverr to PayPal it’ll charge 2% ( Maximum $1 ) But After that PayPal to Bank is Rs: 61.something per $1 ( Conversion rate Showing in PayPal with charges )
  12. Hi all, Hope you guys are doing well. I’m Vishal from India Confused a bit about withdrawing money to bank. So I’ve used PayPal many Times I was getting like Rs: 900 when withdrawn $16 and like Rs: 450 for $8 as in these it fees in percentage. But I have like $200 in Wallet and saw bank withdraw only charges $3 so technically it’s better to withdraw with Bank Transfer. So as I never withdrawn through bank transfer can anyone share their experience, I mean is it really only $3 ? No extra ? If yes then it’ll be great than PayPal. So Guys please tell me should I go with PayPal or Bank transfer as I live in India. Thanks & Kind Regards, Vishal 🙂
  13. Yes, That’s exactly what I was trying to mean.
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