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  1. Take the 1-star review and learn from this mistake. Don’t ever take the conversation away from the Fiverr platform. If you followed Fiverrs ToS properly, they would have had your back and cancelled the order with the problems.
  2. A remarkable achievement bro. Hopefully you get awarded TRS soon because you clearly deserve it.
  3. Gigs rotate… You won’t always be on page 1-2. you can have hundreds of 5 star reviews and still get knocked back to page 20+
  4. His client has no right to use his work if he hasn’t paid for it. That’s against Fiverr tos and he should be banned from the platform if he can prove that he is using it.
  5. Does anyone know If there’s a way to view the Fiverr website in full desktop mode if using an iPad? I hate that it forces you to view it in mobile view. Been trying all morning to find a fix for it. I find it crazy that the Fiverr app only supports mobiles and the website doesn’t even support tablets. It’s 2020 and Fiverr is a huge company.
  6. Buyers can only leave a review up to 10 days after the order was completed
  7. I’m not really sure what happened. I got in touch with Fiverr and they got it back for me thankfully.
  8. So, today I woke up and my Fiverr gig has been denied… It’s a 3-year-old gig and my full household income comes in from it. The reason I was told was that it’s in the wrong category, except it 100% wasn’t in the wrong category. Also, Fiverr studio beta has started appearing for me at the top with the menus. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. I can’t withdraw either… Over $1500 sitting in my Fiverr account
  10. Same… Keeps coming on and off. My quick responses are missing as well
  11. Thanks, will do that now. Any idea what this new pilot program is?
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