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  1. I have been working with an email template designer like mailchim, html, omnisend, constant contact, active campaign, etc. Tomorrow my client gives me positive feedback. I have completed my 174 order. Thanks Fiverr
  2. That is not what I see on your profile? Does it appear differently to you? Or is the promoted gig not the one that is your best seller? Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 11.55.18 AM1364×744 127 KBTomorrow i was show overall rating 4.9 but today i see 4.8
  3. My gig totally lost rank before starting promote my gig always shown page 1 or 2 now i see at the last page.
  4. My overall rating is 4.9 and prompt gig rating is 4.8.
  5. Last March 15th I got the Promot gig option But a few days later they say Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now, we’ll notify you as soon as this changes, and my gigs lost the rank. When I search then my gig opens on the last page. I’m a level 1 seller and my gigs completed 35 reviews. My total reviews 99.
  6. Today I completed another project with data entry. The buyer very happy with my work and give positive feedback with 5 star.
  7. Another task done successfully but the buyer didn’t feedback my work. He is satisfy my work but not giving me review.
  8. Today I work with new Client, and he gives me 5-Star Feedback. It’s really Great for me. Earned 53 Reviews.
  9. I got 5 stars from clients on email marketing. https://www.fiverr.com/share/jyEN8a
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