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  1. @Lena Thank you, I'm awaiting a response on my support ticket. I'll keep an eye on it and reach out if there's any issue.
  2. @vickieito Thank you for explaining this, I think the same thing is happening to my account. All my sales (spiritual readings and etc) are legitimate but somehow I was flagged this morning for trying to falsely increasing ratings. It's a relief that it might just be a false flag, but hopefully these things can be revoked and won't happen again.
  3. Hi all, I logged in this morning to an alarming warning message claiming that my account is buying and selling with the purpose of falsely increasing my ratings/Fiverr level! Absolutely no such thing is happening here (I only make about 3 sales a month right now). I have opened a support request with Fiverr asking them to show me exactly what I have done to end up being reported for this and am currently awaiting a response. I would be devastated if my account got banned as I finally had committed the time to it, my clients leave 5 star ratings because of the good service I provide for them, not because I'm farming ratings somehow! Is there anything else I can do (other than wait for Fiverr's response) to prevent the false reporting/potential banning of my account?
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