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  1. i have faced the same issue for several times and ended up having my stats ruined. I HATE THIS. whenever i tried reaching CS, it was always suggested to cancel the order and ruin your stats, hah! and sometimes, people with extra money maybe 😛, place order and they dont even bother to fill in the instructions, like how am i supposed to design the logo if i know nothing about your business, not even the business name, who am i? and how am i supposed to make something with LITERALLY NOTHING. then CS comes in and suggests me to cancel the order otherwise if i deliver something that is not expected it would be the violation of TOS… i mean WHAATTT???
  2. i just read a post here and the guy shared the CS’ response, not sure if they will respond you any different. And its not even their fault, everyone is so worried these days.
  3. we certainly should! just wanted to know if anyone else is facing the same issue.
  4. I used to get a lot of orders but now in march, i didn’t even get a single order, do you think its because of corona virus and the panic it caused?
  5. Hello from Pakistan. Very warm welcome to this forum, best of luck Ilaria. 🙂
  6. a client placed and order 21 March, 2018 but didn’t submit the instructions to start the order. I have sent him multiple reminders but no response. I saw him online for so many times but he never replied to my messages and the order is just there in my list waiting to be started, lol what should i do?
  7. You do NOT have to accept the cancellation! If you feel that you delivered what was ordered, and completed all necessary revisions then do not cancel. A buyer is allowed to leave a rating if they feel the project did not go well. However, you are entitled to your compensation if you delivered what was asked. Edit: I noticed your premium gig offers ‘unlimited revisions’. Did your customer order a gig like this? If so, you are learning a lesson of why not to offer unlimited revisions. no, he ordered the package with 2 revisions. i usually don’t ask buyers to pay extra for revisions and i’m ‘learning a lesson’ because of that.
  8. Please do not give the OP false hope. The reality is that Fiverr will indeed give the buyer his/her money back if they complain to CS. That, or they can do a PayPal chargeback. I’d say don’t cancel, but it may end up cancelled anyway. i agree… :((((((((((
  9. I have always done this, but this time i’m so frustrated with this attitude. I have worked so hard over this project and have literally offered unlimited revisions but at the end got the same “cancel the order please”. I’m not concerned about money. its about my time.
  10. i’m always open to revisions but sometimes they just ask to “cancel the order” after MULTIPLE revisions. as i offer unlimited revisions i never refused to work but in the end if they’re not reaching somewhere they just ask for a refund and to be honest i’m so scared of contacting the customer support as I’ve seen people getting their accounts banned for no reason so i just cancel the order. I was nominated for top rated seller but they didn’t promote me to be TRS because of the cancellation rate i guess.
  11. I have been working for a client from the last one month and now after multiple revisions he just told me "We just aren’t connecting on anything. I appreciate the effort but I am going to have to work with someone local to get this done. Thank you for your time. Please cancel the order." wow! after ALL the work i have done, i am asked to cancel the order and to refund plus i’ll have to bear the order completion loss. why sellers are always suffering here? why there’s no solution to this? there should be some consequences for the buyers too. anything we can do regarding this issue?
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