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  1. Hello

    Last Year My gig was on the first page and I have completed many order. After one cancellation gig was gone from first page, and its almost one year my main gig is out of rank still. This year I have completed so many order from old buyer but there is no luck. Try every possibility but not worked. Is there any advice for me. What can I do?


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  2. Its fiverr algorithm. They are giving chance to new seller but some old seller are effected. Because old seller have many review but not getting chance to prove themselves. Fiverr should also thing about this problem.

    yeah! old seller effected extremely…I saw many old seller are not getting order but they have huge review…for me this year is extremely bad…

  3. no, I just did an experiment today, I created a gig with ‘a certain phrasr’ in the title. Then I searched on fiverr with the same keyword ‘a certain phrase’ after 5 minutes and it was right there on first page on top.

    So I think if the competition is less, you have a chance of coming up on top quickly within a day. That is only my opinion and I am new on fiverr too.

    I’m 100% agree with you…but sometimes it takes 48hours…

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  4. My question is after I changed the tags, my gig disappeared from gig ranking. I am not sure how many times modification I have made in a day, I guess I made a lot of changes in one day. I tried to put the tag Amazon Product Sourcing which I am using in the search bar, and choose my location China, and scroll down all gigs there but didn’t find my gigs. :frowning_face:

    Anyone could help me check my profile and let me know my problem? Thank you!

    Sometimes it takes 48hours after editing

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  5. Hi ,

    Right now my gig is on first page when I search “unique logo design” …And I got huge impression last couple of days… But I didn’t got enough order…I can’t find the main problem…Is there anyone who can check my gig and tell me… But if you don’t have enough time, don’t check it… My question is If I Edit my Gig package description ,is there any problem?I mean is there any chance to lost my gig rank…Thanks

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  6. Your first gig is not on the first page of logo design or business logo design.

    Things constantly move around.

    yes I saw…its gone again…now I see it on first page using this keyword “unique logo design”

    Actually this year is extremely bad for me…I tried every possibilites but it didn’t work for me…everyday people click on my gig but they didn’t place any order…I don’t know what’s the main problem of my gig

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  7. Keywords are important. But if your previous keyword selection has been good for many years, then it doesn’t sound to me like a drop in rankings would be keyword related. But then again, you never know what changes they make to the search algorithm next week too. Perhaps too short and popular keywords are bad choices now, which have been hugely successful before.

    Yes, you are absolutely right

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  8. Using the best keywords means using the keywords everyone else is using, sometimes it helps to have one or two keywords that are not too obvious.

    For example, you have this gig:

    I Will Design Professional Unique Business Logo Design

    If your keyword is “logo,” that’s a lot of results.

    If your keyword is “bar logo,” that’s 150 results.

    Restaurant logo gives 373 results

    Hotel logo only 69 results.

    Real estate logo is extremely popular, with 5589.

    So you should think about who you want to target. Lots of businesses need logos: churches, bakeries, non-profits, community organizations, individual religions, political groups, etc.

    And you should look at your other gigs as well.

    There are 71 results for “vintage t-shirt,” are you using that keyword in your t-shirt gig?

    Thank you…It will help everyone

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