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  1. What is this? Is Fiverr give loan to the sellers?
  2. It’s fiverr authority special team for fiverr safety & security.
  3. স্বাগতম আপনাকে :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  4. How sweet of you, How lucky i am! @emrlanka 😮 You guys really are great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much 😍
  5. 14 for level one & level two sellers and Top rated sellers can be withdraw after 7 days.
  6. This is totally a mistake for Fiverr. Last month, my 3 such orders were canceled, and that’s why my level has go down. This is really a bad thing for the sellers. Fiverr should take quick action for this.
  7. Can I Promote My Gig With Paid Ads? Suppose Facebook Boosting… Would it be legal in fiverr?
  8. Thanks for your comment. I contacted at Fiverr CS, and they said the same.
  9. Can I share Google Drive or Dropbox link to a buyer’s file or message? Will it support in fiverr?
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