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  1. I’m a regular seller in Architectural Category but, sometimes I use the buying option to get assistant with other skills talents and I had experienced with similar to this message. This looks very unprofessional and irrelevent. Because Fiverr automatically already pushing for an amount of percentage for a tip to the seller after I accept the order. If the buyer gets satisfied with the service he received, and if clients agree, this tipping process can be done automatically. But, if the seller asks for this, just avoid his message. Maximum of the time, the seller saves some pre-made delivery message template and they just paste the message with all their deliveries. Just avoid any additional message or request with the delivery. the fact is about professionalism and unprofessionalism.
  2. No it doesn’t. There are level 1 sellers that charge 5 times I charge. Yes, pro level sellers can go up to $10000, but even if you are level 2 you can charge up to $1000 if I am not mistaken. There’s no pricing limit based on levels. What I was saying is that you must have a competitive price, it doesn’t matter if you’re level 2 or TRS that much! I did not mean that. The level system make the sense to my client that, I do quality work and they can trust in my service. and For my professionalism and quality work, I can offer a higher rate than others.
  3. I lost it in 2018, didn’t get it back ever since. No effect on sales or number of clients, if anything I am better now than during the TRS days. It comes down to the pricing and work quality… I agree with you. The pricing depends on the level badge system.
  4. I am sure I read of it in a post made in the last few days. I did a search too, but gave up because usually you have the answer. Now you have let me down. 😫 Found it! Our other Fiverr Forum Queen :princess:t2: posted it. But I never lost my Green dashboard and everything postive. I don’t know why I’m not getting nominated again. I don’t receive any notification or message regarding this. My total earning about $150k+ and all other dashboard requirements always Green (100%)
  5. Hi, I was a Top Rated Seller for almost 1 year. But, last year I dropped the badge and email was mentioned because of gig quality and Fiverr experience issue. And They mentioned me after 3 months, they will Review my profile again. But its almost 1.5 years, I don’t know why I’m not nominating again. Is there anyone experienced like me? How I will get again the badge?
  6. Hi, I wanted to know here what is your Average Selling Price and what for this I need? What advantage I will get if I have higher rate? Mine Average Selling Price near $300 but didn’t get any advantage for that.
  7. Hi, I was looking for a top-rated seller community. Is there any Official platform for top-rated sellers only?
  8. can you please try again after clean your browsing history and cookies ? maybe this will work.
  9. Hi, Dear, It looks nice. You need to do some unique keyword research and but I like the portfolio you added. Is this possible to add a short video to your gallery? then you need to stay online and check buyer requested and all other promotional ways. Best of luck for you
  10. Please wait and improve your skills. Don’t give up and in one beautiful morning you can see the result. Best of luck and keep learning.
  11. Hi, Don’t worries. You have to build a strong trust level in fiverr, yes we know there have some fraud but that is very very rare. So, If you think the client is happy with your job, feel free to give her extra bonus service as she want. maybe you will get a long term business with her.
  12. I think you need to refresh the browser and check again. If no, also check your Gig categories selected well in gig settings. If everything ok, may be you need to wait, sometime this happens for bugs, they will fix soon. Best of luck.
  13. You had cancelation, that is why this happening. You need to complete at least 4/5 $ 5 orders before Jan 15th. so, the percentage will be increase .
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