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  1. Thanks. No, I am on fiverr since 2017 and I knew about violations. I asked them what was the issue. They didn't mentioned anything and just sent a formal message. Looks like an issue from their side because I tried to edit the same gig again and without changing anything, I clicked on save button and it was denied and removed again. I contacted them again and they approved the gig again and it is live now. But still they have not mentioned what is the problem. So, I think its better for me to not edit any gigs now.
  2. For your information guyz, fiverr has reviewed my gig and approved it again. They mentioned there was no issue with the gig but they didn't mentioned what was the issue. Thank you everyone for you help and support.
  3. Thank you @donnovan86 But there are no other problems with the GIG. I just edited the title and the title was " I will test your website and make the complete Test Report". I clicked on saved and my gig was instantly removed. Now, how can I contact them and tell them there is nothing to do with academics. I already contacted them 3-4 times but I am getting auto replies and request ticket got closed marked as "Solved"
  4. @iam_utpal Yes I have used the General Inquiry too. But it is auto closed to after an auto reply.
  5. @donnovan86 I was providing Quality Assurance Services for Websites and Web Applications.
  6. Today, My 4 years old gig is removed when I tried to just edit the title. My old title was saying "Testing Report" and I changed it to "Test Report". I just edited the gig title, added some wordings in title and clicked on Save button. My gig is instantly denied and removed. The title is very simple and The services I am providing are not against fiverr terms and policies I am providing services on this gig since 2018 and I have 700+ 5 start reviews on this gig. But Now they just removed it automatically without any reason. I tried to contact fiverr support several times but they are sending auto replies saying I contacted them several times and I am getting this auto reply each time and the tickets getting closed. I am stuck and don't know what to do . If there is anyone who can help, I will be really thankful.
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