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  1. Hello everyone Its been just two months since I have joined fiverr and you can’t imagine how much happy I am because in second month I have get 450+ revenue and not with big effort and I do unblock level 2. Yes guys I am level 2 seller and with 64 reviews and all reviews are 5 stars and completed 80+ orders as well There are followings things that I did and will keep doing Patience with revisionsAsk buyer for less and give them provideProvide quality work and they became my regular customersKeep sharing my gigs to social media to increase trafficHowever no one ask me for refund but I am pretty much sure I will do if they askReply in real quick time less than 10 minutes24 hours onlineAll of you who wants to increase their sales just follow these steps than see what will you get. Maybe I am wrong on some points but I just share my experience other peoples may guide me as well Thank you Mod Note: ➡️See Forum Rules. Gig or profile links are only allowed in the My Fiverr Gigs category. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for your precious reply and I am hoping the gig to appear again
  3. Hello fiverr world! I have a question when I edit my gig it doesn’t appears where it has to be it hides and I stop getting order from that gig. Do anyone know why is that?
  4. Surely you are absolutely right and thanks for that appreciation
  5. actually someone told me that your email is your user name but now problem is with security question
  6. Hy everyone is there anyone to help me because I have lost my security question of payoneer
  7. Hi everyone my name is Qamar Pervaiz I forget username as well as password is there anyone to help me please because I have not yet activate my payoneer account.
  8. Hello everyone Qamar here My first month of fiverr is great experience for me I have yet found another source with job as well. About 1.5 month ago I met my friend who is full time freelance he suggest me that you should have to use fiverr.com and I just ask to him what I can do because I can’t provide any digital service. He says you are already doing dude by giving financial presentations and reports the difference is that you son’t have to meet with customer. I signed up and thinking what can I do then suddenly I visit embroidery digitizing gigs and I came to know I can digitize their logos because I do have experience of more than two years. I create gigs and got first order after 3 days of 25$ I completed that and after 15 days got another one both left five stars for me and after now I do have made 14 orders and now I am level one seller I made revenue of 80$ bit low but I am pleased with it got 9 reviews with 100% positive ratings as well. Thanks to my friend and specially thanks to fiverr.com for providing us forum to earn money and providing happiness as well.
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