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  1. I’ve noticed the same glitch. My gig has been exploding with sales this week, I hope this doesn’t change anything 😂
  2. It’s likely affecting different users at different times. I actually haven’t had any issues until the last hour and they’re currently ongoing for me, as well as a couple of my clients who have mentioned lagging messages.
  3. I’ve noticed Fiverr has changed the gig order page layout today and so would assume the issues are to do with the testing and maintenance.
  4. Not just you. Notifications are coming through but not showing on the page when you click on them until about 15 minutes after you get them. I’ve noticed Fiverr has changed the gig order page layout today and so would assume the issues are to do with the testing and maintenance.
  5. Regardless of which country you’re from, you HAVE to watch this Brazilian film. It comes with English subtitles, and it’s called; City Of God (Cidade De Deus) Absolutely flawless film from start to finish; used non-professional actors and won an Oscar. Highly recommended
  6. I’ve pretty much set up custom replies for any new order, question or delivery. Obviously you can never cover them all, but it saves a hell of a lot of time
  7. Admittedly, I get the easiest orders out of the way first - probably working the wrong way round but it leaves me to focus on the more challenging and time-consuming orders without any pressure from other orders. I’m never working in any set order.
  8. Sellers are a different story, but you can’t actually get ‘ripped off’ on Fiverr unless you, the buyer, do something wrong. You’ve done the right thing by contacting customer support, but all you can do now is wait for it to be resolved
  9. Patience. If you’ve written to them, all you can do is wait - venting your anger will not speed anything up. All we can do in a situation like this is suggest contacting them anyway. Why do people always write that they’ve contacted customer support in a way which makes it seem like they’ve been waiting 2 years for a response?
  10. It is definitely a great idea. I think they should have the definition of what a revision entails, as per the terms of service, written right on the end of that sentence or on a paragraph underneath, perhaps even as another checkbox
  11. Just struck me as strange that they had a ‘wedding card’ gig with a spammed gig and package description, as well as their page showing from United States but their local time currently being 23:47, 2 hours ahead of London
  12. I think this is quite self explanatory, but I got a message from an account called editors_picks, claiming to be Fiverr’s editorial staff. The message wrote: 'Hey parradesigns, Hope this message finds you well. We wanted to let you know we’re currently working on a Category Development Initiative to identify and engage select talent that can meet the needs of our wide range of buyers, and we’re hoping you’ll apply to potentially become a part of it. You may start to see word of this on the forum, but wanted you to be one of the first to know. You can find the application, here: http://fiverrsuccess.questionpro.com/?custom1=ed (The application is best viewed on a desktop computer) Essentially we’re looking to collect information on select seller’s professional education, certifications, and past experience. Because it’s a gradual roll out, we’ll be in touch with next steps in the coming weeks, as it becomes relevant for your category and profile. If you have any questions about the application process, let us know. Hope you’ll apply for this exciting initiative! Thanks, Editorial Team’ Is it a scam of sorts or what? I didn’t really understand it.
  13. In all honesty, I’m fine with the 14 day period. The delay between doing the work and getting the money for it almost makes me feel like I’m earning the money for free when it does come through, because the work I did is so distant by that point 😂
  14. That’s dedication. Too much for me to comprehend, and it kinda hurts my head
  15. I’m out of likes still but thanks a lot for the insight. I hope I manage to get to TRS someday. I’m kind of pessimistic about how long it would take starting on this account from when I did. Is it worth keeping an excel spreadsheet of earnings? And in what way would it come into use? I also feel like I remember that Fiverr image. I must have been around at some point when it was made. I bought something off of Fiverr in 2011-2012, before I’d considered selling, so it must have been from around that time. Time goes far too quickly 😦
  16. @woofy31 did you just log on one day and find yourself ranked up to on TRS? And on the subject, can you remember how long you’d been on Fiverr and how many sales you’d made/what your total income was?
  17. Is having $1m in total sales actually the criteria for ‘super seller’? I know there should no separate badge for it. I saw one profile which had written super seller, but what does it entail?
  18. No worries - I appreciate the help anyhow! I had an account with 200 reviews back in 2013 which I gave up out of frustration. I wish I’d stuck to that in hindsight, but I’m not off to a very bad start on this one. I also had two accounts in between which were sort of 60-ish reviews as well. I could have been TRS by now 😦
  19. I think I actually saw it in a small(ish)-print somewhere on Fiverr’s website that TRS have 7 days. Just found it odd that it’s not mentioned on the page, and I wanted to know if there’s anything more than that which is not mentioned really
  20. Everyone prior to Top Rated Seller has a 14 day processing period before they can withdraw
  21. I see that, but I’d read somewhere that they have things like 7 day processing periods prior to withdrawal as opposed to 14. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but I didn’t see it on that page and was wondering if that was true and if there were any other exclusive features which are not mentioned
  22. I typed in Top Rated Seller into the search but couldn’t find an up to date or straightforward answer for what I wanted to know. A simple question; I was just wondering what the actual listed benefits are for becoming a Top Rated Seller. Of course, it’s not shown on the Fiverr Levels page, and I was only wondering what an actual Top Rated Seller had to tell me about the features available exclusively to them. (I hope I’m allowed to ask this) Thanks
  23. The withdrawal does not happen unless you physically click the link sent in the email, so it won’t have been marked as successful and it will not have gone through if you haven’t done that. Are you sure you’re checking the right email associated with your Fiverr account?
  24. I forgot there was a topic lingering behind all of this - I also don’t think I have the answers. I’ve been left flustered, out of likes and without even a drink to show for it. This forum sucks!
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