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  1. This post is confusing the heck out of me…am I missing something? For one, anytime I accidentally forget to attach my finished product, I actually do get a pop up message asking if I’m sure I want to deliver without an attachment (and it also has a warning that basically says “If you’re intentionally sending nothing just to mark this as delivered, that’s a big no-no”). Does no one else get that same warning message? I get it on the app and on the website. Secondly, when you say you’ve been using the deliver button just to send messages but had no idea it was a problem, there are so many things that don’t seem to add up. Using the deliver button removes that order from your dashboard. If I continually marked unfinished orders as delivered, I’m sure some would slip through the cracks and remain unfinished. I’m not sure how frequently you receive orders, but I often rely heavily on my dashboard to make sure I’m keeping up with everything…so anything that messes with that would be a huge inconvenience. Using the deliver button stops the delivery time clock. It never occurred to you that stopping the clock before delivery might look a little sketchy? There are two other chatting options aside from the deliver button: the chat box at the bottom of your order, and your inbox. If someone messages you within an order, the easiest and most obvious way to respond to them is not through the deliver button…it’s through the in-order chat (especially if you’re using the Fiverr app). Using the deliver button seems like it’s the most out-of-the-way option when messaging clients. I totally understand being oblivious or unclear on certain ToS rules - I’ve been there and it was 100% innocent. But, this seems like such a blatantly deceitful move that I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around your surprise that this isn’t common. I’m not saying you’re full of it - I just honestly don’t get it. On top of that, your suggested solution to all of this already exists is some form…but it sounds like you (and possibly others) don’t receive the same warning message I do when you forget to add an attachment. And then there’s the ultimate question with all of this: why did I take so much time to write this? I should go to bed.
  2. Sounds like your experience was pretty ridiculous and should never happen - seems pretty inexcusable. However, in response to your initial question, Fiverr allows users who cancel to keep selling because sometimes, even the best sellers need to cancel for various reasons. I’m a voice over artist - what if I wake up with no voice and 5 orders in my queue? If waiting a couple of extra days is a deal breaker for three of those orders, should that really be grounds to destroy my Fiverr living for good? Other scenarios where a seller may need to cancel: -Buyers ignoring pricing info, grossly underpaying and refusing to cover the rest -Buyers who expect services not offered by the seller -Buyers who purchase morally questionable work, or work that is specifically mentioned as a no-no on a seller gig page This is one of those issues that, unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for. With a platform as large as Fiverr, you have a huge spectrum of sellers. When that’s the case, you’ll always have a few bad eggs, but over time, the negative reviews and cancelation rates will add up and speak for themselves, lowering their rankings and preventing more and more people from wasting their time with that seller. I wouldn’t take this as a reason to hate Fiverr and how they deal with things. They do have their issues, but if there’s anyone to hate in this situation, it’s the seller. Unless Fiverr had a workforce that could examine each case individually (which would be awesome for sellers AND buyers…but pretty much impossible), I can’t think of an easy solution. At the very least, you can take comfort in knowing that these sellers likely won’t be thriving anytime soon, and even though you still got screwed, they didn’t make a dime off of it. That really sucks though - sorry you were so unlucky twice in a row.
  3. I posted a false alarm about this months ago, but I’m happy to report that it’s the real deal this time. I reviewed a buyer, was shown the buyer’s review, and THEN, given the opportunity to respond to the buyer’s review publicly! It is a happy day, Fiverr sellers. Thank you Fiverr: I’m extremely grateful to have this back.
  4. Looks like I’m way late to the party, but I just came to the forums to see if maybe I was blind and was missing how to search inbox…because it would be incredibly useful in a ton of different situations. Bummer. 100% agree with this thread.
  5. Is this a big problem for anyone else? It can be incredibly frustrating. Whenever someone sends me a message within an order that’s been delivered (which, for me, happens often), I don’t receive notifications. It’s so easy for those messages to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed until hours later, especially when I’m messaging a lot of other people. I hate missing responses from buyers, whether they be a personal thanks, a question about the order, a question about a future order, etc. I make a huge effort to respond to buyers as quickly as possible, and oftentimes, these messages are really important and even time sensitive. Why are there no notifications for these?
  6. Haha that’s awesome - keep it up! Glad you can treat yourself guilt-free. As for complaining, I’m with you. It’s tough to remember that Fiverr is a huge company…it cannot be easy to keep the experience perfect for all of the sellers. I’m sure they’re trying their best to innovate while keeping everyone happy - but you can’t win them all. Overall, they’re doing amazing things and proving opportunity to tons of people who otherwise would have none. For that and many other reasons, despite my occasional complaints, I’m so grateful for Fiverr. Absolutely. I’ll take some occasional issues and even some poor decisions/changes once in a while if it means I can still have a successful life as a freelancer. It may take a while in some cases, but they’ve done really well fixing issues and they’re clearly trying to make it a better experience for everyone.
  7. Yes to everything. I’m in a business that would typically require LOTS of auditioning, submitting, etc. to get discovered or find any kind of work, and it often pays peanuts when you do. I love that here I’ve just been able to set my rates and let the system work its magic. Not having to find clients is huge. As for the rest, I totally hear you on pushing the boundaries. I’ve had those days where the orders just keep piling up in the queue with guaranteed 24 hour delivery. I always thought of myself as a pretty good worker, but those were the moments when I realized I had lot more discipline and stronger work ethic than I thought. It can be brutal working all day and all night once in a while, but when you finally clear that dashboard and realize you actually did it (not to mention, just made a ton of money) it’s a pretty amazing feeling. Props to whatever minds came up with this platform for freelancers. I’m forever grateful. Stuff like this can be (and has been) life changing, and I love that especially something like Fiverr helps people make money off of just about anything they can come up with. Thanks for the response - great stuff and keep up the good work!
  8. Hey Fiverr world. Lately, a lot of my involvement in the Fiverr forums has been to chime in on some negative aspects of the site. I decided that’s pretty lame of me, because overall, I love Fiverr. I owe a ton to this site. I never thought I’d end up where I am when I set up my account on here. I went a couple of years with random sporadic orders and it was nice to have some extra cash now and then. But then in January of this year, my sales exploded and have been phenomenal ever since. I am incredibly grateful for this site. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and life as a freelancer is pretty awesome. This has been great for me and my family - not to mention, when people find out what I do, they are genuinely interested. Always makes for good conversation. So to you, my fellow sellers, I ask: What has Fiverr done for you? How has it improved your life and what do you love about it?
  9. I’m obsessed with posts about this review system. I feel like I need to contribute to all of them. As I’ve stated in every other thread I’ve seen about this, and as everyone seems to agree, this is a shockingly horrible change. I cannot wrap my head around how this not only made it past the idea phase, but was actually implemented and still hasn’t changed back after the uproar. It literally does nothing but make our pages look less professional and personal, and it makes the review process confusing, awkward, and annoying for both buyer and seller. I can only see one type of person who could possibly benefit from this change: people who want to screw sellers for one reason or another. Now they can do it knowing they hold even more power. I literally cannot think of any other potentially positive outcome from this for anyone else. Unbelievable. Can’t believe this happened, can’t believe it’s still happening, and I will never be OK with it. There’s no logic behind it.
  10. I can confidently say I will never reach a point where I’m OK with it, or even warm up to it. Though the initial shock of the change may dissipate, this will forever remain an awful idea that makes our gig pages a little (sometimes a lot) less professional, personal, and enticing. Now that it’s been two weeks, I may even be more upset about it knowing that it’s still there. I can’t wrap my head around why this happened in the first place, and especially why it’s staying after such an enormous uproar. Nobody can explain why this could possibly be a good system, because there is no reason it could possibly be a good system. Serious additional changes would have to be made to the entire review process for blind reviewing to make any kind of sense. Bottom line: Still hate it, always will.
  11. All good now - not sure what happened. I was down for 10 minutes.
  12. Not sure what you mean, but I’m just going to Fiverr.com from every possible location.
  13. Anyone else getting this? It’s everywhere for me - App, browsers, all of my computers, even private mode. Really need to get back to some customers…
  14. Apologies if similar recommendations have been made here and I didn’t see them, but as a fellow VO artist, here’s what’s worked for me. Since January of this year, Fiverr VO has become a full-time job for me and then some. The reason I originally got started on the site was because I found someone on Craigslist looking for a VO artist to read some training video scripts. I sent them a demo, they liked it, and they asked me to set up an account on Fiverr so we could work through there. So right off the bat, I had a solid order and a good review to kick off my career on the site. I continued to try to find other VO jobs and then direct them to Fiverr to proceed. However, over the following two years, I still only made a TOTAL of $2000. I took a lot of absurdly discounted low-budget jobs (one paid $500 for what I would now charge over $10,000 for…yikes). But, after 2 years and taking every job extremely seriously, delivering quickly, racking up a few great reviews and getting a couple of returning customers, I was suddenly boosted up in Fiverr and got tons of daily, consistent work out of nowhere. Late January of this year I went from making next to nothing on here to over 7k per month when times were really good. Moral of the story: as unsatisfying as it is to hear, it may simply take a lot of time to be seen. But, while you wait, I would recommend finding whatever you can elsewhere and directing them to order through your gig page. You’ve got to get some activity on there. Who knows - you may never get someone to find you to make that first order, so you may need to start by directing a few people there yourself (but DO NOT try to buy your own gig or try to cheat the system in any way…it will backfire). You’ve got a great demo and you clearly have the talent and experience, so no worries there. Just stick it out and do what you can to make something happen yourself - it’ll come eventually!
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