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  1. I don’t think changing your country is available now in most sites like fiverr, paypal etc… I even had to delete my paypal account after returning to my motherland.
  2. Wow, this thread had been popular. OK guys. At the original thread that I revealed his falseness. I had to remove that comment. He was threatening me at even on Facebook. And I don’t wan’t to punch that little one. Ha Ha… Just realized that he is only 18 years old. LOL. And he is calling me for a fight. The thing is, when It comes to the selling. English and also flexible communication does matters. My self is an owner of a middle scale web company. And what I’m doing on fiverr. Dunno… Just love being here and work for little rates. lol But I need to feel being success on fiverr. I’m working hard on it. And also working smart on it. But I don’t like to work like a scumbag. Thanks guys for commenting. Lahiru Himesh.
  3. Reply to @kjblynx: Me too. When using our corporate account to buy gigs. I also have faced the same. In most cases first look at the profile tells us he/she is not surely from english first country.
  4. I’m a seller from Sri Lanka and my profile clearly shows that I’m from Sri Lanka. But some guys are faking their profile as they are from US,UK. And just met a guy who is from the same country and gave him a friendly advice on the forum to be bold with nationality. And now he’s threatening me to remove that comment. I always wonder why people fake their country. It may attract customers less, but you earn the customer trust. So be bold and emphasis your country.
  5. Actually you cannot literally buy twitter,facebook and other social media followers and likes for real. But there are some spam like applications that forces user to like the comments and post and follows. User won’t notice and if user removes that application and all it’s activity or facebook or social media identifies it as a scam. They will simply remove it and viola… Your likes and every thing gone. So best option is sharing one. 🙂
  6. Oh, If your buyer instructions are null. That is the reason. You should type something in the buyer description text area. Try it and let me know. – My latest gig
  7. Do you have any links or some fiverr prohibited items in the description box. If so try removing them and saving. Find me here. My self on fiverr
  8. Seems like java script is not working in your browser. If so please try enabling the JS. Find me here. My self on fiverr
  9. Not some super gig space, but it’s something :-))
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