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  1. In response to phantompower: I guess I’m a seller. I’ve just set up a temp profile to see what this site is about. You have a point in saying “you are not forced to lower the price” however from my brief observation of the website it appears that we are being forced into exploitation labor and its because of the very low pricing dictated by the very people (artists) who work in the industry. Their pricing is insane. Its just not possible in a million years to comprehend let alone considering to compete with. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate their self worth? I mean seriously… £4 odd…, I wouldn’t even open up Logic for that!! Very few buyers are going to bother paying a proper industry rate for work because there is a wealth of artists out there willing to work for peanuts and some will no doubt create high quality work for such money. They will then have fueled the buyers expectations for paying peanuts thus creating future jobs to be priced even lower and a market further saturated with incompetent frauds who do not know what they are doing. I have over 17yrs experience in songwriting & composition. 13yrs recording experience and have been consistently gigging the same. I have a Hons degree in music with a composition as my first study. I have two separate businesses both with websites that involve composition & recording. I know for a fact I’d be very hard pushed to knock out a decent composition and record it well in one day. I’d like a week minimum. Here is an example of a pretty cheap/going rate adequate recording session: I will spend a day with a well rehearsed band to record one song and still not properly begin mixing or have vocals down. The end result is a good (Demo) that still really should be mastered professionally by somewhere reputable. I only master if requested but its not proper mastering. That’s beyond my expertise. This is my reality of recording. Around £200 a day 8-10hrs and not even having to create my own intellectual property. Creating some new work for a customer is a whole other level of labor that’s hard to quantify in monetary terms because unlike engineering a recording its a lot harder to accurately gauge its completion time. Perhaps regulation is needed to set the bar for a fare rate so actual skilled people are not scared off by the prospect of working for insulting fee’s. Perhaps also some credentials check like a number of years experience, education and having a website may also be considered? It may be enough to deter those who are ruining their very own industry for themselves and everyone else. Speedy876: When I look at if your way, you do have a valid point. The cynic in me see’s this site as a total hassle, headache and complete time waster and for absolute crap money but I like your optimism. I’ll give it a go but I’m gonna have to price the shit out of stuff!! (Ethical Living Wage)😉
  2. The sad thing is that those who pay for these services do not know what good quality production value is. They now just except something poorly made as good quality. They know no different. It seems that everyone these days is a music producer, film maker, photographer etc and its only with experience and or education in your relevant discipline that you see the utter garbage passing for “Professional”. To move fwd you either have to massively compromise on quality or stay subject to ongoing exploitation. This dilemma seems to regularly present itself to those in the music industry. I think the ethical decision is perhaps not to participate in something that is unhealthy for the future of those within your career.
  3. Is anyone finding the fees people are charging in there field absurd? This is mainly with regards to songwriting/composition & production. (My Forte) These fee’s are freakishly low and seem to be completely compromising those who wish to peruse let alone maintain a professional career in the creative industries. How can anyone write, arrange and produce/mix an adequate recording for like a few bucks? Are you nuts…? I’d wanna pay proper money for that service or at least pay for something reassuring expensive. Crafting a original song/composition and then producing PROPERLY (with real mics and decent pre-amps, expensive instruments and not just using chepo VST synthy tracks) it is a highly skilled art that takes years to develop with lots of time, financial and academic investment. The final insult is giving away I.P rights to the work. (Is this because it is rubbish anyway?) With this sort of freelance your all shooting yourselves in the foot!! YOU THE ARTISTS SHOULD DICTATE THE RATES not the labor exploiting customers!! Sorry for the rant, I’m just new to this site.
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