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  1. It’s a hand pick process, keep providing good service and fiverr will choose you once they think it’s the time.
  2. Share your gig on social media site and convince someone to give your order and then feedback it will help you getting social proofs. Then you will be start getting impression and orders. 😃
  3. Hello, It happens due to fiverr algorithm changes frequently all the time. Just improve your gig images and upload video if you can and do some orders like 4 to 5 on regular bases to improve your sales velocity so as soon you have the sale velocity you will get impression and click that will convert to orders. To rank your gigs sale velocity is very important you must have orders in queue it is like a snow the more it falls the heavier it becomes. so the more orders you getting in queue the more traffic you will get. It’s really gonna work just tried spend some $$ on gigs and the reward will be huge.
  4. Hello i made my account and really going good with impression going upward day by day and suddenly the impression goes down and becomes red one of my gig. Need some help from senior on the forum . Thanks
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