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  1. Well, I think, it will be very positive for us as well as buyers! 🙂
  2. how? Please Detail There are so many resources on google about it. So please check it out 🙂
  3. Hello everyone! How are you all? Hope you are doing good! Today i am going to share some valuable tips for new seller who are struggling for getting orders for a long time! Firstly, Let me tell you one thing, I am not a pro. I can share my thoughts with you so that it might helpful for you. Basically i will share my ideas. So lets point out these things… First 3 things must have before starting freelancing career! 1. Mindset: It’s the first thing in every career. If you want to make money within some days or month, its not possible. You should have a strong mindset that you will learn first then make money. 2. Plan: If you don’t have a right plan then you must fail. A good plan make your paths easy, So make a plan first about your career then go for it. Now-a-days we can see that though we don’t have enough knowledge in any sector but we create an account in fiverr and think we will make money! It’s not so easy! It’s an international marketplace. 3. Patience: Its a very valuable thing that you should have. There are ups and down in every career so you should be patient. Spend your time in learning and learning then go marketplace! Now let’s talk about some suggestion for new seller… Make your profile great, like Use a professional image as your profile picture, Write the description about your skills in very clear and concise form. showcase your skills, Add educational background, Add certification if you have any. The main thing is make your profile fully professional. Create unique and professional gigs. Use good images, unique title, good description and packages (Today i am not telling much about this if you want i will write about it next time) Send 10 Buyer request daily. If you want to know how to send a good buyer request then you can follow this (How to write a offer in buyer request). There is a problem for new seller for sending buyer request that they only seen a minimum amount buyer request so keep refreshing your browser and check if any buyer request come or not! if you get any apply on it. Share your gig on social media, I suggest facebook and quora but no spamming to get impression, click as well as order. Do SEO of your gig. You should be active in fiverr as much you can because buyer may knock you anytime! That’s it. Do these things and keep patience, hope something good will happen. That’s all for today! Wish you a good luck!
  4. I read all the point that’s given sir, this suggestion really inspired me. but one of the topic is not clear for me ''Send the work samples what you have done before" ->On thing I’m a beginner on the fiverr. anyone can help me out, sample means my work screenshot or my portfolio or have any others option/format which I will given on my offer letter to the buyer. Thank you! Share your portfolio link if possible.
  5. Try your best, It works!. i have get so many order like this way! Hope it will work for you also.
  6. Thank you so much for your nice overview. It’s my pleasure mate.
  7. but if i have no sample then what should i do? You should have it mate.
  8. It’s not a problem. You can share this things with your client to show your portfolio items.
  9. I believe not. You can share your portfolio if needed. But no spamming. Best of luck.
  10. It’s good. Do you use same thing for every buyer?
  11. I believe you not, but you can talk with fiverr about it.
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