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  1. I’m having the same problem from last 3 days. Trying to send offers but send offer button is not working. Can anyone help?
  2. Hey Akshay, Thanks for the great tips. I’m already using these tips as you suggested earlier.
  3. Hi roakh, Thanks for the tips. these are really useful. I have joined fiverr 27 days ago and it was a good startup for me. Worked really hard on very low price with unlimited revisions. With positive reviews also. Hopefully, I’ll be a level 1 seller within 3-4 days. But, suddenly! I am getting no orders from last few days. I have raised my price a little bit. Is it the reason for less sales. Any tips for me? Please help!
  4. Hi elenoravaiana, The same thing happened to me a few days ago. A buyer used my services at fullest. made a lot of experiments with the design. I still offered unlimited revision.that client was happy with the final delivery as she mentioned it in the messages. But after completing the order she left with a 2.4 star and bad review. Now she is not answering my messages. Very unfair!
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