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  1. Yes, that is what I am saying. Very well. I’m sure many other veteran sellers (like me), will agree that 1-week and 2-week clearance times are practical and realistic. A random 10-day completion time makes absolutely no practical sense. Okay, what if i suggest 7 days clearance for level 2?? Will it make sense then?
  2. It means, you think, New Sellers, level 1 and Level 2 has no difference between them in terms of clearance time?? But only TRS should have this difference? If they avail in 7 days, then 10 days for level 2 make sense to me if we consider and compare all these levels 🙂 By the way, everyone has his own thinking. Let’s see other replies
  3. it is actually same for no level, first level and 2nd level, and only differ in top seller badge. Can i ask you the reason for this disagreement??
  4. No level and level one has 14 days as earning clearance days, i am suggesting to Fiverr that they should reduce this 14 days time to 10 days for Level 2 sellers. Then, it will be a clear difference between all levels. What you guys think??? Yes??OR No??
  5. But the thing is, that is questionable, if he is an old seller and he removed his previous gigs, then why he is showing as New Seller? I couldn’t understand this feature of fiverr. He should be like level two or top rated even if he deleted his old Gigs
  6. Could you please clarify this one? Enjoayable means, you are happy to go with your whole life with it 🙂
  7. in what sense, money?? Potential Relationship with clients?? Or really an enjoyable life?? 😃 let see everybody’s comment!
  8. Ah, didn’t remember the exact date, but for sure Last year 🙂
  9. The best thing is to do: update your all gigs, new titles, new keywords, tags, change description as well.Start sending offers on buyers request, 10/10 dailyShare your gigs on all social media, especially on relevant facebook pages, groups, and peoples.
  10. Hello #Fiverrers!!! Just became level two seller on #Fiverr 😂
  11. I guess Fiverr allows us to use one account from multiple devices, and this is not a wrong thing, it is common in these days to use multiple devices, like you use Fiverr at home, on your cell phone using Fiverr mobile app, then at your office PC, why it is wrong? or why Fiverr will ban this?? Main thing is, fiverr does not allow to have multiple accounts at same time, and it is against their policy as well, against moral values as well 🙂
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