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  1. Recently I've had some repeat buyers ask me if they can purchase gift cards for my gig to give to their friends for the holidays. As far as I know, this isn't possible, but I wanted to double-check. Is there any way to offer this as an option?
  2. Hi, I recently received a request for a custom order. I've never done one before. I asked the buyer for some more information to see if I have the ability to create an offer. I was given some basic information and an expected deadline, but the buyer told me that they had further specifications, but would like to get an offer for the gig first. Is this normal for a custom gig? I'm interested, but I don't want to create an offer and then have it be outside the scope of the service I can provide or more work than I expected. I also asked if this was for business or personal use (because this may be a potential conflict of interest for me). They didn't directly answer me. My question is should I propose an unofficial estimate offer and see how they reply before creating an actual offer or does this sound like a sketchy project anyway? I'm not sure how this normally goes and don't want to miss an opportunity, but something seemed off to me.
  3. Sellers that live in Sweden, could you tell me how to correctly report Fiverr income? Is it necessary to apply for F-tax? Fiverr is a hobby for me as of now. I tried contacting the Swedish Tax Agency and they haven't replied yet...
  4. I'm a new seller and I have a situation that I'm not sure how to handle. I believe that I have accurately described my gig and what it includes. The other customers I've had so far have been happy and given me 5-star reviews. After completing the gig as promised the customer says she is underwhelmed with her results and thought it should include a detailed description of how I arrived at my results in the PDF download. She told me she is going to give me a bad review. The service I provide is a very lengthy process and this would be very time-consuming for me. Because of the low price of my gig, I do not currently offer that process in the results or claim to. I would be open to offering this as an extra in the future. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me and I feel bad she is disappointed, but what she was expecting is not a part of my gig and I feel I delivered what I advertised. I did write back immediately that I'd be happy to do a revision if she's unhappy with the overall results or to answer any specific questions she has about my process. What can I do in this situation? The customer is really asking me for something not offered with her purchase. I'm a new seller and I can't afford the bad review 😕
  5. I get impressions, but few clicks, and I haven't gotten any orders yet. I'm not sure what I can do to change this. Do you have any tips to improve my gig? https://www.fiverr.com/kittyclarice/provide-you-with-a-personalized-fashion-color-analysis
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