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  1. It’s happening in all the categories unfortunately.
  2. This is happening to me right now. I moved from the first row at the first page to the middle of the page. I wonder whats really wrong.
  3. Do you think the algorithm would be back to its norm?
  4. Don’t bother contacting them, it makes no difference. I am just wondering what is wrong.
  5. Hey guys, Who else is experiencing their gigs going down gradually even when everything seems to be going fine? I am very worried.
  6. Kindly refer to @hanshuber16 comments and provide us with further insights about your service, then maybe we could advise.
  7. I am so sorry this happened to you. I can understand your frustration because I have been there. Your first mistake was accepting the cancellation. As long as you know that you did the job right without copying it elsewhere, you should reject the cancellation. You have the right to be paid after you have delivered the project according to the job description. In that case you ought to have informed CS while the buyer was threatening you and not after you have accepted the cancellation request. The only thing you can do right now is to wait for CS response to your email. Its very unfortunate that some buyers know how everything works here and try to override sellers who don’t know their rights. Again, I am so sorry this happened to you 🙏 PS: Of recent, CS has been quite slow with tickets in general, you have to be patient, up to 24 hours.
  8. Your buyer should accept the first milestone and should not to continue in order not to be charged for the second milestone. Each milestone acts like a separate order.
  9. I would be delighted to help you, as I have worked on several Christian books 🙂
  10. Sounds interesting! Thanks for letting me know about this. But it wasn’t officially announced to everyone right?
  11. I am not yet a Top-rated seller. I am supposed to get a notification for the nomination, but I didnt get one
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