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  1. When video introductions first came out, I added one only to have it declined due to length. After the hassle, I gave up and didn’t get back to it until last week. Boy am I kicking myself! I’ve had ten times the traffic since my new video was approved. I don’t know how much of this is Fiverr’s search algorithm and how much is increased buyer trust, but messages are coming in daily for a gig that usually costs over $100. To anyone out there who has been too lazy to add a video… do it now! It’s improved my interaction rate more than anything else in the last 5 years on Fiverr
  2. Perfect! For a site that’s all about automating your workload, a service that automates your gigs is absolutely ideal. Will be checking this out immediately.
  3. Reply to @hotwebideas: I really liked this post. Telling users what you do not offer is key. Still… some buyers will not even take the time to read a gig’s description.
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